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Recent development of Thai paper industry

the development momentum of Thai paper industry in recent years is very strong. The characteristics of ceramics include: rapid creep and high temperature viscosity activities. At present, there are 44 paper mills in Thailand. In 2000, the capacity of paper and paperboard was about 3.65 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate was 70%; Six pulp mills with an annual capacity of about 960000 tons and a capacity utilization rate of 95%. There are about 9500 pulp and paper employees in China. In 2001, the output of industrial paper (including kraft paper, kraft board and corrugated core paper) in Thailand was about 2.248 million tons, and its domestic consumption was estimated to be only 1.149 million tons, almost half of which needed to be exported; The output of printing and writing paper is 983000 tons, and its domestic consumption is estimated to be only 390000 tons, with an export volume of about 60%. Thai corrugated box base paper has long entered Hong Kong, especially corrugated core paper, which accounts for a large proportion. Thailand's dried noodles kraft paperboard is also welcomed by Hong Kong carton factory because of its high quality and low price. In the past two years, Thai corrugated box base paper has also entered the Chinese Mainland market

the largest industrial paper company in Thailand is Siam paper (sp-pc for short). Siam Kraft industry (hereinafter referred to as ski), a subsidiary of the company, has three paper mills, with a total annual output of 290000 tons, 80% of which are corrugated core paper. Another Thai Kraft industry company of the company (tkic for short) owns four paper mills manufactured by IHI Voith, with a total annual output of 550000 tons of industrial paper, of which kraft board accounts for 72%, corrugated core paper accounts for 13%, paper bag paper accounts for 7%, and other industrial paper accounts for 8%

Thailand panjapol pulp and paper company (PPI for short) has a paper machine with two groups of Bel border shapers, which was manufactured by American beloI resolution is an important parameter of the experimental machine in 1995. It has a width of 7.5m, a speed of 900m/min, and an annual output of 300000 tons of industrial paper. In addition, it also has a 700t/D waste paper production line and a 300t/D Kraft wood pulp production line

these large paper-making enterprises mostly introduce international advanced equipment and technology, with sufficient local raw materials, abundant water and electricity, and cheap labor, they have great advantages in operating costs. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of the quality of employees from 1.41 to 1.70, the product quality is good and stable

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