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Recent development of Taiwan's petrochemical industry

from January to May this year, the output of ethylene, the basic organic raw material of Taiwan's petrochemical industry, was 1.033 million tons, down 3.19% from 1.067 million tons in the same period last year. The output of other basic organic raw materials has also decreased, but the demand has increased

although the increase and expansion of new petrochemical production capacity in Taiwan is restricted by environmental factors on the island, the construction of the plant is still ongoing. The most eye-catching is the follow-up project of Formosa Plastics' sixth light industry plan. Since Formosa Plastics' sixth light phase III was officially approved by the Taiwan authorities at the beginning of the year, the plant construction work has been implemented. The main projects of its sixth light phase III are as follows

(1) the total investment of NT $130billion will increase the total capacity of Mailiao petrochemical center by about 1/3

(2) build and expand 30 petrochemical plants, increasing the output of petrochemical products by 12.8 million tons

(3) build 12 new plants: including Nanya ethylene glycol phase II and phthalic anhydride phase II; Formosa styrene phase III, linear alkylbenzene plant; Formosa Petrochemical n-alkane plant, etc

(4) remove bottlenecks and expand 20 plants: the main advantages of pellethane TPU include: Formosa vinyl chloride monomer, ethyl acetate, high-density polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, linear low-density polyethylene; South Asia phthalic anhydride and epoxy resin factory; The first and second aromatics plants, the first and second styrene plants, the phenol plant, the polystyrene plant, the polycarbonate plant, the polypropylene plant and the olefin plant are expanded

Formosa Plastics recently announced the fourth phase plan of the sixth light industry. The total planned investment is NT $77 billion. The projects include 900000 T/a ethylene plant, 800000 T/a aromatics plant, bisphenol-A plant 1, bisphenol-A plant 2, styrene monomer plant 3, ethylene glycol plant 3, polycarbonate plant 3, sodium dodecyl sulfonate production plant, etc. After the completion and operation of the fourth phase expansion project in the future, the unit production scale of ethylene, propylene, butadiene and other petrochemical basic raw materials of Formosa Plastics enterprises will become the first in the world

the fourth light debottleneck project of CNPC plans to increase the ethylene production capacity from 380000 T/A to 420000 T/A. It is expected that the expansion project will start construction in early 2004, with a total investment cost of about 1.2 billion Taiwan dollars

in addition, the terephthalic acid plant built by Taihua company in Longde plant, Yilan is expected to be completed in the second quarter, with a production capacity of 500000 T/A. The production capacity of terephthalic acid of Taihua company will exceed that of zhongmeihe company, which has always ranked first. The production capacity of the 6th unit of zhongmeihe company in Taichung is 700000 T/A, which will rank first after completion

Changchun group is another major enterprise group in Taiwan's petrochemical industry. Its members include Changchun petrochemical, Changchun artificial resin and Dalian chemical industry. The capacity of the 1,4-butanediol plant built in Kaohsiung Dafa industrial zone has been expanded from 30000 T/A to 70000 T/A, and will soon be commissioned, with a maximum capacity of 3 Equipped with wide screen LCD control system, the high production capacity can reach 100000 t/A. The new construction plan with an investment of 17billion yuan in Mailiao focuses on the vinyl acetate plant with a production capacity of 240000 T/A to drive the construction of derivative products such as polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and other devices. In addition, the formaldehyde plant has been completed and put into operation, and the phenol plant and acetic acid plant are also under planning and design

at present, only Hetong chemical company produces n-alkanes using the key points of metal tensile testing machine in Taiwan. Due to the large market demand, the plan to build a new plant is being promoted, that is, PetroChina Company will build a new plant with a production capacity of 130000 T/A in Dalin, Kaohsiung, the new plant built by phase III of the 6th light industry group of Taihua company, and Hetong chemical itself will build a new plant with a production capacity of 130000 T/A in the engineering plastic industry zone of Taichung port. Hetong has also built storage tanks to meet the future needs of cross-strait oil and petrochemical raw materials trade

the alkylbenzene plant of Jintong chemical company, which is invested by Hetong chemical company in Nanjing, is expanding the second unit, which is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in 2002. After completion, the annual production capacity will double to 200000 t/A. The investment cost of the project is US $60million. In addition, Hetong chemical company also plans to acquire the original old plant of Jinling Petrochemical, which will make the total production capacity of alkylbenzene as high as 370000 T/A, becoming the largest single plant alkylbenzene production plant in the world

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