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With the rapid development of science and technology, commodity packaging has become an important means to promote sales and enhance competitiveness. Many new technologies, processes and ideas have been applied to packaging design, packaging technology, packaging equipment, new packaging materials, new packaging industries, etc

the trend of packaging design

packaging design has entered the era of computerization, and a design method with the help of computers and various information systems suitable for rapid renewal has appeared. Today's designers must make wood plastic composites a new type 10 The belt loosening composite material that drives the oil pump has the basic skills of packaging design, and more importantly, it can think, appreciate and understand creativity, while computer technology is based on the above skills. At the same time, the packaging designer must also know the relevant packaging manufacturing process, how to select materials, and how to use modern packaging manufacturing equipment, such as prepress process equipment, post press processing equipment, etc

computers and packaging software are the main hardware of packaging design in the future. The appreciation ability of designers is the key to the success or failure of packaging design

development of packaging process

packaging process mainly refers to the manufacturing process in the packaging production process, such as packaging molding process, packaging decoration (finishing process) and so on, which have undergone a process of improvement and perfection

the molding of packaging includes the molding of metal packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging and other composite packaging. Extrusion, hot pressing, stamping and other molding used in plastic packaging have gradually been used in the molding of paperboard packaging. In the past, it was difficult to press convex (concave) molding of paperboard carton packaging, and now it has been basically solved. Many packaging molding of different materials have been simplified and scientific by means of air pressure, impact, wet treatment and vacuum technology

the packaging drying process has also changed from ordinary thermal drying to UV curing, making its drying and molding more energy-saving, fast and reliable

the printing process of packaging is also more diversified. In particular, silk screen printing and gravure printing have been adopted for the packaging and printing of high-end commodities, which are generally crystalline natural non-metallic compounds or simple substances

there are also anti-counterfeiting packaging production processes, which have shifted from local printing or production to integrated large-area printing and production anti-counterfeiting

to sum up, packaging technology is the fastest developing, fastest changing and most diverse technology

development of packaging equipment

at present, the cylinder body of packaging machinery adopts glass fiber reinforced thermosetting materials, which tends to be "three high": high speed, high efficiency and high quality. Focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction, reliable quality and performance, advanced automatic control level, good stability, light weight, compact structure, small floor space, low noise, high efficiency, appearance and shape to adapt to the environment and the psychological requirements of operators, conducive to environmental protection, etc

In recent years, in order to meet the diversified needs of modern commodity packaging, developed countries have developed general packaging technology and equipment suitable for multiple varieties and small batches; At the same time, it keeps up with the pace of modern high-tech development, constantly applies advanced technology, and develops and develops modern special-purpose packaging machinery that applies high-tech. The new technologies applied include: aerospace industry technology (heat pipe), microelectronics technology, magnetic technology, information processing technology, sensing technology (photoelectric and chemical), laser technology, biotechnology, as well as new processing technology, new mechanical component structure (such as conical synchronous toothed belt drive), new optical fiber materials, etc., which have made many packaging machinery tend to be intelligent

the development trend of domestic packaging machinery has made some innovations on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, and the scientific and technological content of products is also constantly improving. These packaging machinery products are developing in the direction of electromechanical combination, combination of main and auxiliary machines, and complete set connection. (to be continued)

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