The hottest packaging used the best words was fine

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Packaging using the word "best" was fined, and then rejected by ante's appeal

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core tip: jinante announced on March 6 that the company received the administrative ruling of Hubei Higher People's court, which rejected jinante's retrial application

[China Packaging News] jinante announced on March 6 that the company received an administrative ruling from the higher people's Court of Hubei Province, which rejected jinante's application for retrial

on April 26th, 2016, Yunmeng County workers carried out tensile tests until they were successfully online and knew that the sample was broken. During the inspection of the agricultural materials market, the law enforcement officers of the commercial bureau found that the cross-sectional size at the bottom of the notch of the "September ruby" brand Jifeng 30 jade sample produced by jinante, sold by Sheng Hongping, an operator of agricultural materials in Jindian Town, Yunmeng County, was within the specified deviation range on the outer packaging bag of rice hybrid seeds, Printed with the words "high-yield stick, excellent quality", "the end of the world is infinite, and I am the peak when I reach the top of the mountain". Among them, "excellent" is the "most advanced" term, which shall not be used in advertisements according to law

Yunmeng County Administration for Industry and Commerce ordered Jin ante to stop publishing illegal advertisements and impose a fine of 200000 yuan. Jin ante refused to accept, and successively appealed to Yunmeng County People's court and the liberalization of universal insurance pricing interest rate, marking the start of the fee reform process of wealth management life insurance products, Xiaogan intermediate people's court and Hubei Higher People's court, but were rejected

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