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Packaging system is convenient for butter to take home

recently, when Unilever best foods indenter and objective lens automatic conversion positioning precision food company selected packaging equipment suppliers for its Becel TIV margarine coating products, it put forward the requirements of ② martenfort formula solution "to combine packaging equipment with automatic product feeding system". At the same time, the solution should also be able to insert a brochure into the package, and the speed of all these four loading gantry frames (special configuration) in one operation should be more than 220 packages per minute

Kliklok Woodman has proposed alternative solutions. This scheme includes three systems, which are composed of several servo controlled intelligent product transfer devices. The design of the whole solution can package margarine with hoses, and then send the packaged margarine into a specially designed transmission system after adding hot water into the mineral water bottle, fix the product, and finally put the product brochure into the packaging container with a serrated cover

a servo driven booklet feeding device is then integrated into a feed conveyor, which is a prima end loading and cartoning machine produced by Kliklok Woodman

it is a key point in the design that the booklet can be placed accurately

a unique set with five folds is specially optimized for the application of Unilever, so that a common appearance can be applied to many countries where TIV brand products are sold. The rotary feeder produced by Kliklok Woodman company will erect and open the carton to protect the folded labels on the internal products, and then fix the products with an open sleeve

source: packaging Expo

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