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Packaging technology with market potential

packaging plays a vital role in protecting goods, beautifying goods, publicity, and transportation, sales, and use of goods. For packaging enterprises, how to choose a suitable packaging form for goods is an important factor that determines the success or failure. At present, there are mainly the following packaging technologies with market competitiveness

aluminum bottles and cans

aluminum bottles and cans have the advantages of light weight, fast cooling, good barrier performance and so on. However, the price is relatively high, and it is mainly used to package liquid products, such as beer, drugs, daily necessities and so on. It can be said that aluminum bottles and cans are relatively general and suitable for specific products

standing bag

standing bag packaging is more widely used in China than in previous years. In foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, it has been the most successful packaging for a long time

barrier plastic bottle

barrier plastic bottle uses special processing technology or special materials to make the treated plastic above the horizontal tension machine. The detailed introduction of the precautions and functional characteristics of the material bottle has the function of effectively blocking the penetration of contents. At the same time, it retains the original excellent properties of the plastic bottle, such as light weight, many forms, non fragile and so on. Barrier plastic bottles include fluorination barrier bottles, blending barrier bottles, CO extrusion barrier bottles, etc., which can be applied to oxygen sensitive liquids. The application of barrier plastic bottles is not very extensive at present. The barrier technology also needs to be improved, but its application prospect is very good

flexible packaging bags

such as granule packaging, expanded food packaging, self-adhesive label sealing packaging, etc., can be opened easily without auxiliary tools. Some easy to open flexible packaging bags provide easy to open tear openings at the edge of the bag, some open at the heat seal at one end of the packaging bag, and some can be opened by tearing the sticker directly. It is inconvenient to open with the help of scissors and other auxiliary tools

blister packaging

blister packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially capsule drugs account for 25% of the domestic drug packaging market share. With the globalization and standardization of the pharmaceutical industry, blister packaging will also grow rapidly

bag in box

bag in box is to fill sterilized food into sealed multi-layer plastic bags. The filled bags are packed in wood or cardboard. The external data that has become more and more popular shows that they are mainly packed in boxes or steel drums, mainly in thick pulp or base materials. At present, this kind of packaging form has basically replaced the food packaging method of adding preservatives in iron barrels, plastic barrels and food. Originally used for packaging wine, bag in box has been widely used in milk, beer, fruit juice and other products. In many foreign countries, such as Australia, Scandinavia and the United States, plastic bags in boxes are not the main form of wine packaging

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