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The world packaging technology and industry (the next also needs to stop completely effective inspection)

domestic packaging machinery, while models below 10kN are the most commonly used exhibition trend in plastics. On the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, there has been some innovation, and the scientific and technological content of products is also constantly improving. These packaging machinery products are developing in the direction of electromechanical integration, main and auxiliary machine integration, and complete set connection

there are some problems in the development of packaging machinery products in China, mainly how to face the competition of foreign enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. According to China's national conditions, we should improve the level of "three modernizations" of products, achieve the premise of high-speed work, packaging product performance and reliability, take electromechanical integration, control computerization, and use advanced design methods such as reliability design, optimization design and computer-aided design to develop combined Modular and other advanced institutions and parts, improve the process level and "three modernizations" level of products, combine with the international quality system, and vigorously develop various automatic detection technologies and equipment supporting packaging machinery

multifunctional combined packaging equipment is also the direction. At present, in terms of packaging machinery in China, compared with advanced developed countries, some processing technologies and components can not pass the test, and some key materials can not meet the requirements. Therefore, this will be a key breakthrough and solution in the field of packaging machinery

IV. new trend of packaging materials

packaging materials are the most active research direction in the whole packaging industry. The quality of packaging mostly depends on the performance of packaging materials. New packaging materials and new packaging technology are the preferred direction of every packaging enterprise or scientific research institute. Now many new products and new processes must be matched with new packaging materials in order to achieve good packaging effect

packaging materials that are not conducive to environmental protection need to be replaced urgently. New packaging materials are in need of development, and some have achieved initial results. There are mainly the following categories:

1 The plastic packaging represented by EPS fast food box will be replaced by the paper packaging with the new idea of accelerating the overall layout of China's R & D core technology and its action force. In many places, EPS fast-food boxes have been restricted. Recently, China has issued a document to list them as the packaging products that are mainly replaced. New packaging represented by pulp and plant fiber came into being and was listed as one of the key promotion projects by the state. EPS packaging products are in urgent need of development and replacement, as well as EPS industrial packaging liner

2. Plastic bag packaging materials are developing in the direction of water-soluble and pollution-free. Many cities have also banned the use of ultra-thin plastic bags, and some new materials that replace existing plastic packaging materials have made progress, such as water-soluble plastic films. Other kinds of degradable plastic films have been applied, especially some foreign enterprises are aiming at China's huge market

3. Wood packaging is looking for alternative packaging materials. As the United States and other western countries have restricted the export of Chinese products on the pretext of the discovery of "longicorn" in the wood packaging of Chinese export products, all products packaged with wood must be subject to complex special treatment, such as gc45, gz45, gc150, gv10, x660 of Kobe iron and Steel Company of Japan, or packaged with other materials. Even heavy-duty corrugated box packaging is not competent. Therefore, at present, China has been tackling key problems, and honeycomb corrugated paper is recommended to replace it. However, the problems of loading and unloading, load-bearing, gravity and loading and unloading strength of pallets must be solved

4. Other new auxiliary packaging materials also need to be studied urgently, such as adhesives, surface treatment agents, inks, etc. Many cartons in China consume a lot of paper, have high cost and low strength, because the quality and performance of these auxiliary packaging materials can not meet the requirements

v. development of new packaging technology

many new packaging technologies are based on new packaging thinking. There are several categories of technologies in this area:

1 Packaging curing technology: the curing and drying energy is being renewed, from heat energy to light energy

2. Packaging cutting and molding technology: new cutting and molding equipment

3. Packaging and processing combined technology: packaging and processing combined

4. Packaging function borrows Technology: packaging function exceeds packaging and has value-added effect

5. Packaging function protection technology: add functional ingredients such as fresh-keeping, sterilization, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti odor, etc. into the packaging materials

the most promising technology mentioned above is the combination of packaging and processing. It solves many treatment processes, directly borrows the packaging mechanism, realizes the integration of packaging and processing, and makes packaging more potential and function

VI. development of packaging industrialization

the development of packaging industrialization is achieved by combining technology and products to increase market share in the market. There must be good packaging for good products, and only with good packaging can there be a good market, which complements each other. The future packaging industry should have both characteristics and scale. The packaging industry must be supported by the industry, backed by equipment and technology, and take the road of collectivization. Specialization and technological innovation are the fundamental magic weapons for the packaging industry to remain invincible in competition

with the introduction of a policy and regulation in a region or a country, and with the emergence of some new materials, new processes and new equipment, a new industry will appear in packaging. Therefore, a new packaging industry may be born at any time

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