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"National cable" may copy the Unicom route to promote the integration of the three integration

Radio and television system professionals said, "the integration of cable TV companies nationwide, whose weight is only equal to that of a small car, is a major event operated by multiple ministries and commissions. The establishment of the new company is an important part of the three integration strategy, and its operation method is similar to that of China United Network Communications Company." This means that although there are many obstacles in the radio and television system, such as property rights and interconnection, these problems will not become insurmountable obstacles in the face of the determination of users after setting and completing the test data

it is expected to be established in a short time

according to sources, the relevant decision-making bodies have made great determination on the issue of establishing a national cable network company, and strive to complete its main process in a short time. "At that time, the establishment speed of Unicom was a miracle. In 1993, the State Council agreed that the Ministry of electronics, the Ministry of electric power and the Ministry of Railways would jointly establish China United Communications Corporation. In 1994, it was officially established after nearly a year of preparation. It took only one year from the decision to the official establishment." An old expert who participated in the reorganization of China Unicom said that he believed that any problem would be solved in front of the will of the state

however, experts believe that although new cable companies can be established in a flash in a short time, a series of problems will perplex new cable companies. Therefore, the new company cannot immediately show strong competitiveness after its establishment. "Unicom didn't start to improve until four or five years after it was listed. Therefore, even if it can be established soon, it will take a few years before it has the hope of forming effective competitiveness." Huangxiuqing, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, thinks so

"China Unicom improved after its establishment because it caught up with the golden age of mobile communication development. The current three integration is also an important opportunity for the development of radio and television. In addition, the integration of provincial radio and television networks has begun within the radio and television system in recent years. For example, the integration of radio and television networks in Zhejiang Province has achieved initial results and has begun to expand outside the province." Hou Ziqiang, an independent director and industry expert of Qiantong, said. The conditions for the establishment of a national cable network company have been met, whether from the great determination of the state in the three integration or from the early preparation of the radio and television system

there are many problems in the new company

there is no doubt that the new company will face a series of problems after its establishment, such as property rights, inter settlement, etc., which will become the main stumbling block to the progress of the new company in the initial period of time

first of all, it is the issue of property rights. As we all know, the early cable network was invested and built by various provinces, prefectures and cities, and the ownership naturally belongs to the local. After the establishment of the new company, the property rights will gradually be transferred to the new company, and the property rights will be transferred from the local to the head office. In this process, many vested interest groups will be involved. Therefore, the foreseeable resistance is also huge. The new company will pay attention to straightening out the internal relations of the company for a long time after its establishment, This is also very similar to Unicom in those days

secondly, inter settlement is also an unavoidable problem for the new company. It is reported that the new company operates in parallel with telecom operators in terms of broadband access, and will directly purchase Internet export bandwidth, which will not be subject to domestic telecom operators. Hou Ziqiang believes that "although this can solve the problem of international exports, radio and television will still be subject to telecom operators because domestic traffic still needs to be settled with telecom operators." Therefore, in this sense, the new company will focus on straightening out its internal and relations with other operators for a long time after its establishment

China Mobile's natural ally

"China Mobile and the upcoming cable network will be natural allies." Hou Ziqiang believes

"The huge access cost may be the biggest problem that the new company is about to face. After the establishment of the new company, the radio and television system will have a large number of content servers on the Internet. Due to the relatively small number of users in the initial stage, it is obviously at a disadvantage in the access with China Telecom and China Unicom. At present, the backbone is monopolized by China Telecom and China Unicom, so the access cost for the new company is huge. For example If the new company has millions of users, it needs at least 10g of bandwidth to connect with telecom and Unicom, and the cost is at least 10 million yuan per month, which is not a small cost for the newly established company. However, China Telecom and China Unicom do not need to pay access fees due to the same number of users. " Hou Ziqiang believes that "it is not difficult to solve this problem. In fact, in addition to new companies that comply with GB, ISO, BS, ASTM, DIN, JIS, cen, en and other domestic and foreign standards, China Mobile is also in such a relatively embarrassing situation that it has to pay huge access fees to Chinatelecom and China Unicom every year."

it is understood that in China's broadband market, as of the end of January 2010, the number of fixed broadband users of Chinatelecom was 54.25 million, while China Unicom divided the remaining market with 39.52 million users. Since China Mobile has no national backbone, it has to pay a lot of access fees to China Unicom and Chinatelecom every year

"if the newly established cable network company forms an alliance with China Mobile, the number of users of the two companies can have a strong bargaining power." Hou Ziqiang said

powering broadband market

at the same time, after the future three integration, the newly established cable network company is likely to give full play to its network advantages and focus on powering broadband market

Hou Ziqiang believes that "the new company will not be involved in traditional voice services, such as fixed voice services. From the current situation, the state only allows radio and television to operate some value-added telecommunications services." In the future, data business, media and content services are the "most profitable" businesses. Looking at the current communication market, broadband services have become the main source of revenue for operators. Taking Chinatelecom as an example, broadband has become its main revenue growth point, contributing more than 70% to revenue growth. Such a huge profit will become the coveted object of the newly established cable network company

in addition, at present, the business model of IPTV operated by telecom operators is mainly based on cable TV as an additional business, which is bundled with broadband services. Taking Shanghai Telecom as an example, at present, there are about 1million IPTV users in Shanghai. Although these users do not need to pay for IPTV, Shanghai Telecom has obtained a large number of customers. Therefore, experts believe that the innate cable TV resources will become a sharp weapon for the new company to develop the broadband market

promote the three integration

as an important part of the national strategy to promote the three integration, the establishment of the new company will affect the pattern of the telecommunications industry. Its impact may be no less than another reorganization of the telecommunications industry. Experts believe that the establishment of this new company is equivalent to a reorganization of the telecommunications industry

many analysts believe that the new company will directly compete with the existing operations, especially in the broadband business market, or there will be a three pronged situation of China Telecom, China Unicom and "national cable". For telecom operators, they can operate IPTV business in a more honest way, and the process of three integration will be greatly promoted. 2. Electronic tensile testing machine drive system: mainly used for the beam movement of testing machines, And the market competition will be further deepened

in all previous restructurings, consumers have felt tangible benefits, and this time should be no exception. Perhaps this is also the greatest value of the existence of "national cable network company"

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