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National brands in the construction machinery industry have entered the world. In the past ten years, especially in the recent five or six years, China's construction machinery industry has shown a high-speed and strong development momentum, and the enterprise's product innovation and technological innovation capabilities have been greatly improved. National brands have been launched and began to work towards building world famous brands. In this process, the innovation of enterprise system and mechanism has become a powerful booster for the development of the whole industry

in China's construction machinery industry, there are many forms of ownership: XCMG group is an old state-owned enterprise, Hangcha Co., Ltd. is an enterprise transformed from a state-owned enterprise into an enterprise with employees holding shares, state participation and operators holding large shares, Sany group is a typical private joint-stock enterprise, Zoomlion is an enterprise transformed from scientific research institutes, the use of Vickers hardness tester, and he intelligent is an enterprise founded by the university professors who adhere to the integration of industry, University and research. Although these enterprises have different forms of ownership, they are all moving towards a standardized and reasonable corporate governance structure

system innovation: consolidate the foundation for development

with the in-depth development of the socialist market economy, most state-owned enterprise systems do not meet the needs of the development of the market economy, the concept is updated slowly, and many enterprises are ruthlessly eliminated by the market. Faced with such a situation, the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five Year Plan" formulated by the construction machinery industry regard deepening reform and promoting enterprise system innovation as the strategic task of industry development. The backbone enterprises in the construction machinery industry also take mechanism innovation as the starting point of enterprise reform and development, and explore their own reform path according to the characteristics of their own enterprises

before the restructuring in 2000, Hangzhou forklift Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. had a total of 2000 employees, with an annual production and sales of 2128 forklifts. Through system innovation, by 2007, the enterprise still had 2000 employees, but the annual production and sales of forklifts reached more than 26000, 13 times that of 2000. After realizing the reform from scientific research institutes to enterprises, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Group has established a property right system rich in incentives and constraints through joint-stock reform, forming a combination of science, technology and economy linked by assets; The employment mechanism of "separating evaluation and employment, competing for posts and eliminating the last" has been established; A distribution mechanism based on the "salary goes with the post, fixed post and salary" and the performance appraisal system as the standard has been established, which has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, improved the overall strength of Zoomlion and successfully completed the enterprise transformation

XCMG group is a large enterprise with many years of development history. In the past two years, through deepening reform, under the guidance of the government, and through institutional innovation, XCMG group has improved the competitiveness of the industry and maintained its leading position in the industry. At present, 22 enterprises in China's construction machinery industry have become listed companies, including 8a) excellent products (a); More than 0% of enterprises have developed rapidly and achieved good listing performance

mechanism innovation: pay attention to opening and invigorating

system innovation provides a solid foundation for the long-term development of China's construction machinery enterprises. In order to achieve sound and rapid development, enterprises also need to open and invigorate on this basis, and establish incentive and restraint mechanisms to achieve the synergy of systems and mechanisms. Therefore, in the process of transforming to a standardized corporate governance structure, China's construction machinery enterprises are also gradually exploring the reform of enterprise mechanism to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects

in the international business park of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the nine subsidiaries adopt the internationally advanced production and management mode, take the road of professional development, and concentrate resources to refine, strengthen and expand the core accessory products, so as to completely get rid of the past "large and complete" and "small and complete" production and management mechanism, and take meeting the market demand as the starting point, Enterprises have become the main body of market competition and an individual with the unity of responsibility, power and interest

Zoomlion, as an enterprise transformed from the restructuring of the Research Institute, has established a scientific research fund supply mechanism by constantly building a technological innovation system. "We give great support to the technology system in terms of funds, and include the construction and operation costs of the enterprise technology center in the annual budget." Cuiyufang, head of the enterprise science and Technology Management Department of Zoomlion group, said. At the same time, Zoomlion group has also established a technological innovation evaluation mechanism and improved the enterprise's technological system allocation mechanism

As a private enterprise with rapid development speed in the construction machinery industry, Sany Heavy Industry Group has made unique exploration and creation in the innovation incentive mechanism of the enterprise. Sany group requires R & D personnel to participate in technological innovation, and encourages non R & D personnel to fully participate. Every employee who puts forward innovative suggestions will be rewarded. Once the employees' innovative suggestions are adopted and implemented, the enterprise will reward again according to the benefits generated. At the same time, in terms of talent training, Sany group adheres to the business philosophy of "helping employees succeed" and provides a better career platform for employees. The management personnel, technicians and marketing service personnel of the enterprise have clear development channels from primary to senior. Front line workers can become team leaders through efforts, and excellent team leaders will get the opportunity for the enterprise to send them to colleges and universities for further study

through mechanism innovation, China's construction machinery enterprises have formed their own ideas and methods in research and development mechanism, incentive mechanism, management mechanism, innovation mechanism and other aspects, which promote China's construction machinery enterprises to continue to expand and strengthen national brands, and develop towards industrialization, scale and internationalization

Management Innovation: constantly update ideas

management innovation is the supporting point and core realization form of enterprise strategic innovation and system and mechanism innovation. A series of management reforms have driven the overall upgrading of China's construction machinery enterprises and cultivated their international competitiveness

Liugong group is a state-owned construction machinery enterprise with a history of 50 years. Facing the new competitive environment, Liugong began to make changes in many management fields since 2002, introduced information technology, and made in-depth transformation in technology, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, finance, human resources, etc. In 2006, Liugong took the lead in introducing the "Six Sigma" management concept and method into the industry, thus improving the unreasonable business process, improving the business performance of the enterprise, reducing the defects of products, and improving the overall management level of the company to a new level

the development of enterprises, talents first, and establishing a talent training mechanism that meets the requirements of modern enterprise system has become the direction of construction machinery enterprises. Anhui Forklift Group pays attention to the growth of employees, formulates career plans, sets career goals for each employee, adheres to the backbone post evaluation and employment system, integrates skills into the salary system, establishes a dynamically adjusted post skill benefit salary system, and gives monthly allowances and rewards to those who have made outstanding contributions. Under these measures, Anhui Forklift Group regards the improvement of human quality as the fundamental way of enterprise development, and forms an atmosphere of building a learning and innovative enterprise within the enterprise

"after three decades of reform and development, China's economy has stood at the commanding height of industrial transformation. Independent innovation and system and mechanism innovation have become the solution for many domestic entrepreneurs: using 5-inch thick fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) The common pursuit of bridge deck replacing concrete slab and steel beam. With the transformation of the mode of economic growth, paying attention to human resources and human wisdom and giving full play to the role of knowledge in promoting economic development should become a universal principle in the economic and social development of the whole country. " With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, Fenghe, executive vice president of the China Enterprise Federation, said

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