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The Great Wall lubricating oil will help the 2020 ITTF men's world cup from November 8 to 15. The 2020 ITTF men's and women's World Cup will be held in Nanhai new area, Weihai. This is also the first time that table tennis international events have returned since the ITTF suspended all events in March this year. In order to help the restart of the National Football League, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant officially signed a contract with the International Table Tennis Federation to become the official partner of the 2020 International Table Tennis Federation men's World Cup

Xu Yi, head of business development in China of the International Table Tennis Federation, said: "more and more Chinese heads in various fields are participating in it, and they fully support table tennis, which gives us a broad future of table tennis. We are very happy to reach cooperation with Sinopec Great Wall lubricants this time. We will use table tennis culture as a link to jointly transmit the spirit of continuous progress and the pursuit of excellence and brand concept."

"national oil" and "national ball"

since table tennis player Rong Guotuan won the first World Championship for China in 1959, no sport has a more national foundation in China than table tennis. From table tennis diplomacy to daily life, table tennis as a national game has become a part of people's life

in the mid and late 1980s, the Great Wall lubricating oil production line

almost synchronized with the rise of Chinese table tennis. In 1962, the predecessor of Great Wall lubricating oil plant 621 received the task of developing supporting lubricating oil for China Aerospace. In the 1980s, Great Wall lubricating oil produced the first small package civil product in the history of Chinese lubricating oil, and its industrial utilization prospect is very broad. At the same time, Chinese people used local brand automotive high-end lubricating oil

nowadays, great wall lubricant provides oil for loading and service stations for more than 10 million new cars in China every year, and has become a necessity for Chinese people's automotive life, with a market share far exceeding that of its peers. Big brands, national oil, these labels Make Great Wall lubricating oil a lubricating business card made in China

Great Wall lubricating oil JINJIXING series products 8 institutes, 3 Asia Qinglan port is an important port. When talking about this cooperation, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil said: "It's a great honor to cooperate with the International Table Tennis Federation and become the official partner of this year's men's World Cup. Sports and lubricants are closely linked to the blooming vitality and passion. Table tennis has the reputation of 'national football'. I hope the participation of Great Wall lubricants can drive more sports fans to pay attention to and support this sport with us."

the sports feelings of the "double Olympic" brand

lubricants are inextricably related to sports, and they share the common "Sports" high-end chemical new material characteristics industry cluster gene. For great wall lubricant, its international brand image also provides an image basis for it to embark on the top sports stage

in September, 2004, Great Wall Lubricant became a partner with formula F1 of the world's highest level auto race, marking the beginning of its entry into the international arena. In November of the same year, BOCOG officially announced that great wall lubricant became the official oil for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In 2015, great wall lubricant was on the stage of the world track and Field Championships. In July, 2018, Sinopec officially became the official oil and gas partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games. As a star brand under Sinopec, great wall lubricant has also continued to be at the forefront of the Olympic Games, becoming the only "double Olympic" brand in the industry

in recent years,

has joined hands with top-level events for many times, and has also shown the Great Wall Lubricant's great brand value. After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the world brand laboratory, an authoritative brand research institution, released the 2008 "China's 500 most valuable brands list" in Beijing. Great Wall Lubricant ranked 59th in the list with a brand value of 11.268 billion yuan, with a brand value increase of 10 billion yuan, making it the only lubricant brand to join the "10 billion club" in that year. With the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the brand road of Great Wall lubricants will also usher in another leap

sports passion is an important part of the brand gene of Great Wall lubricating oil. Backed by world-class scientific and technological strength, Great Wall lubricating oil has achieved extensive involvement in sports events, further fermented sports feelings, improved brand image, and annotated the great value of China lubricating oil with the test of strength and speed

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