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National brands rise in independent innovation

recently, the lucky Huaguang Cup 2011 top ten selection and award ceremony of the printing industry hosted by Huicong was held in Beijing. At the meeting, "China Publishing News" obtained some award-winning entrepreneurs such as the top ten international brands and the top ten national brands through interviews. At present, the old pattern of China's printing consumables market has changed, Chinese printing consumables products are popular in the European market, Chinese brands have been more widely recognized and affirmed in the overseas printing market, and Chinese brands have greater and greater influence in the international printing market. At the end, it is aluminum cable

lucky Huaguang: the overseas market exploded

in the first half of the year, the sales of our digital products increased significantly, such as our computer direct plate making (CTP) products, and the sales in the domestic market increased by 100%, doubling. Our export products have increased significantly for three consecutive years, with an increase of 80% - 90% at high times. According to preliminary statistics, our export products increased by nearly 50% in the first half of this year. Tengfangqian, general manager of lucky Huaguang Technology Printing Co., Ltd., said happily in an interview with China Publishing News: after years of market cultivation, our overseas market sales have experienced explosive growth in the past three years

lucky Huaguang Technology Printing Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise with a history of more than 30 years, which has done a good job in cleaning the inside and outside of the mixer and liquidating the work around the mixer. It is the largest scientific research and production base of printing image information recording materials in China. As for printing plates, it currently has seven printing plate production lines and one flexible resin plate production line with an annual output of 150000 square meters. In September last year, the company was incorporated into China Aerospace Science and technology group, and its Huaguang trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the state in April this year

as early as 2007, relevant central leaders proposed to lucky Huaguang to make the Huaguang brand famous in the international market. Now, after years of efforts, Huaguang brand has entered the European market, especially the most difficult European newspaper market. Teng Fangqian told that the main reason why their products can enter the European market and achieve such good results is that the quality level of the products has improved. He repeatedly stressed that the stability of quality is very important in making products

Shanghai Xinxing: 30% of the rubber blanket is exported to Europe

people who are not familiar with printing do not know what rubber blanket means to printing. Any enterprise that has an offset press must use blanket

at the expert selection and demonstration meeting organized by Huicong for the rotation of worm, worm gear and force measuring piston in June, it was learned that the sales volume of blanket manufacturer Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd. actually increased by 20% every month during the global economic downturn this year. At the award ceremony, Xu Maoqing, the chairman of the company, told: in the first half of this year, the sales volume of our medium and high-end products increased compared with last year, of which 30% were exported to Europe. Because our middle and high-end products sell well, the profit is also good. In the future, our products will focus on medium and high-end products and make profits through improving technology

the development of blanket in China is similar to the development of CTP plate in China, and it has also experienced a great development stage from foreign monopoly to localization of CTP products. More than 10 years ago, China's blanket market was still in a pattern monopolized by foreign products, and the price remained high. In particular, medium and high-grade rubber blanket is the world of foreign products. But now it's different. We have a series of domestic blanket products, and the diversified layout of high, medium and low-grade products, which has restrained the high premium and high income of foreign blanket products in China. It should be said that in order to promote the development and quality improvement of domestic blanket, Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd. has made great contributions

Xu Maoqing introduced that 10 years ago, the price of foreign rubber blanket was 600-700 yuan per square meter, and some even reached 800 yuan per square meter. Since the domestic rubber blanket market, the value of foreign rubber blanket has been declining in the past 10 years. Today, Japanese rubber blanket manufacturers are in a dilemma when entering the Chinese market: if they do not enter the Chinese market, they will lose this market; If you enter the Chinese market, the profit you can make is already very low

Xu Maoqing said: in the past 10 years, our enterprise has experienced the transformation and upgrading from medium and low-grade products to medium and high-grade products. After the output of medium and high-grade products is increased, the price will be reduced

Shenzhen Jingda: dare to challenge Martini

China's post press equipment manufacturer Shenzhen Jingda Machinery Co., Ltd. won the top ten international brand awards at this top ten selection meeting, while the company won the top ten National Brand Awards three years ago. This is a big step forward for Jingda in three years

in the industry, speaking of Zheng bin, the chairman of the company, it is the most appropriate to describe it with excellence and perseverance, and these eight words to get rid of disorderly competition are also the cultural essence of the enterprise. Wang huaizhu, a post press expert in China, has repeatedly said to Zheng bin that he has been challenging the international famous post press brand Martini of Switzerland for many years. The company's products are exported to more than 40 countries, and the binding equipment is in three series. Recently, he has engaged in digital printing and binding, and his strategic awareness is relatively advanced

Zheng Bin said to Xiang after winning the award: precision has always been a post press equipment. We have always followed the example of the highest international brand Martini, Switzerland, and have always been in line with the highest level of enterprises and equipment. After nearly 20 years of development, we have narrowed the gap with international brand binding equipment step by step. We hope to compete with the world's top printing equipment manufacturers in the near future

talking about the digitalization of post press equipment, Zheng Bin said that in view of the development trend of digitalization of printing, they have developed many new products. One is the 12000 book/hour high-speed glue binding linkage line, which represents the highest level of equipment in China's glue binding field. The first equipment is installed in Anhui Xinhua, and the second one has been ordered and will be installed in Zhonghua business in Shenzhen. Another is the digital post press gluing linkage line developed by them, which is now installed in Jiangsu Xinhua, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Phoenix publishing and media group. This line is the first fully connected equipment in Asia for on-demand printing

Zheng Bin said: these two post press equipment production lines represent our future development direction, digital printing and digital printing. We should constantly shorten the gap with international brands in these two areas

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