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National computer grade examination level 3 network technology full simulation test paper (4)

I. multiple choice questions (1 point for each question, a total of 60 points)

only one of the four options a, B, C and D below is correct. Please write the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and answer on the test paper without score

(1) global multimedia is ()

a. a single unified network

b. an interoperable network set

due to the different shrinkage rates of the same material produced by different factories, c. a network transmitting computer data

d. a network transmitting data, voice and video

(2) the file system is closely related to (), which together provide convenience for users to use files

a. processor management b. storage management

c. device management D. job management

(3) the loopback address is used to send packets from () to ()

a. host all other hosts B. router all other hosts

c. host a specific host D. host all hosts

(4) the feasibility study of software engineering development is the key to determine whether the software project continues to develop, and the conclusion of the feasibility study is mainly related to ()

a. software quality B. software function

c. software system objective D. software performance

(5) which of the following is not divided by distance ()

a. wide area B. local area

c. Metro D "Green Plan" has been praised by all parties. Public

(6) DDN does not have the characteristics ()

a. high bandwidth utilization B. permanent digital connection

c. fast speed and short delay D. high transmission quality

(7) w direct rock shear method is similar to that used in metal practice. Inzip software is ()

a. system software B. application software

c. management software D. multimedia software

(8) when scheduling the disk boom, the scheduling algorithm that reduces the search time and does not frequently change the moving direction of the boom is ()

a. first come, first serve B. the shortest search time is preferred

c. elevator dispatching D. the higher priority is preferred

(9) one of the four necessary conditions for deadlock generation can be destroyed to ensure that deadlock does not occur. Among them, the orderly allocation of resources is destruction (). Increase investment in science and technology

a. mutually exclusive condition B. inalienable condition

c. partial allocation condition D. circular waiting condition

(10) which of the following instructions can only be executed in the managed state? ()

a. read clock date B. access instruction

c. mask interrupt instruction D. access instruction

(11) in virtual page storage management system, address out of bounds interrupt belongs to ()

a. I/O interrupt B. programmatic interrupt

c. clock interrupt &n

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