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Guangpu Co., Ltd. (300632) recently received institutional research to introduce and share the factors affecting the company's performance in the first three quarters, the development and planning of education lighting and intelligent lighting

it is understood that Guangpu 3q19 achieved a revenue of 296million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.24%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 68.2212 million yuan, an increase of 83.57% year-on-year. In the first three quarters, the company achieved a total revenue of 745million yuan and a total profit of 139million yuan

on the whole, Guangpu has achieved good performance in the first three quarters. The main influencing factors include: the company continues to increase R & D and innovation, continuously carries out technology upgrading, product iteration, cost reduction and new product increase, giving the company's products a comparative competitive advantage in the market

secondly, the key customer strategy implemented by the company for a long time has enabled the company to maintain a good relationship with key customers, and the procurement volume of key customers continues to increase steadily. At the same time, the company continues to introduce new high-quality customers and strives to cultivate them as key customers of the company

in addition, the company has actively explored domestic and Asia Pacific emerging markets. This year, it has passed the evaluation of several new customers in China, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and other regions, and has become its qualified supplier. Some customers have already concluded orders

in addition, the company's product categories have increased. This year, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, educational lighting and other new categories have been added to the lighting products

since this year, educational lighting has also become a hot topic, and relevant standards and policies have been gradually introduced

recently, the national standards committee decided to solicit public opinions on two mandatory national standard projects to be established, including the health requirements for the prevention and control of myopia in school supplies for children and adolescents. The deadline for soliciting opinions is november13,2019

as for the standard of classroom illumination in schools, for the average illumination of the desktop and blackboard, the European and American standards are 500lx/800lx, and the Russian standards are 400lx/600lx. There is also a mandatory requirement: schools below the standard are not allowed to start classes. At present, the myopia rate of primary and middle school students in Europe and the United States is only 10%, while the myopia rate of Chinese primary school students is more than 40%, and even more than 80% of middle school students can bear greater force before fracture

Guangpu shares pointed out that the Ministry of education, the National Health Commission The ③ detailed implementation plan for comprehensive prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents with excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and other eight departments also proposed that "we should provide students with a learning environment that meets the requirements of eye hygiene, strictly follow the construction standards of ordinary primary and secondary schools and secondary vocational schools, and implement teachers, dormitories and libraries (reading rooms) that are very beneficial to scientific research and teaching." And other daylighting and lighting requirements, and use lighting equipment conducive to vision health. 100% of the school classroom lighting standards are up to standard. " The high attention paid by the state to the vision health of children and adolescents will promote the rapid development of educational lighting, which is also a good opportunity for the company

the company has provided foreign customers with experience in educational lighting products, and has customized lighting lamps for Australian and American customers in the field of education; Most classroom lamps are improved on the basis of flat lamps, which have always been the company's dominant products. The educational lighting products designed and produced by the company are superior to the requirements of the hygienic standard for lighting and lighting of primary and secondary school teachers in terms of illumination, uniformity, stroboscopic, color rendering index, glare, blue light hazard, power density, etc

in addition, the company independently researched and developed a series of sensors and intelligent control modules applied to intelligent lighting products, which can provide lighting solutions for different scenarios and environments according to the special needs of educational lighting. In the just concluded Qingdao education equipment lighting exhibition, the company innovatively launched eight classroom scenes: standard classroom, aiot smart classroom, recording and broadcasting classroom, conference room, psychological consultation room, painting and calligraphy teaching, which took the lead in breaking through the product utilization room, reading room and kindergarten classroom of graphene powder in the field of energy storage. The novel design and ingenious collocation enable various items to accurately control the lighting requirements of classrooms with different functions, and creatively provide an overall solution for school classroom lighting

in addition, the financial report of Guangpu Co., Ltd. shows that the company's lighting and intelligent lighting business is growing rapidly. At the end of September, its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangpu (Singapore) Co., Ltd. invested US $3million to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Guangpu (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. in Malaysia, aiming to continue to expand the global layout of LED lighting business

in this survey, Guangpu Co., Ltd. mentioned that the Malaysian production base is mainly used to produce LED lighting and intelligent lighting products. Because the plant is an existing leased plant, the construction will be relatively fast, and it is expected to be put into operation by the end of this year. The initial production capacity is planned to be 300000 sets per month, which will be gradually expanded according to the orders in the future

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