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The National Seminar on the application of new spinning technologies and new fibers was held in Changzhou

since this year, under heavy pressure, the transformation and upgrading of cotton textile enterprises has become a top priority. A few days ago, the National Seminar on the application of new spinning technology and new fiber, sponsored by China Cotton Textile Industry Association and co organized with China Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was held in Changzhou. More than 200 textile enterprises and more than 300 people attended the seminar. The meeting invited domestic enterprises with outstanding applications of new textile technologies and new fibers to exchange and organize targeted thematic discussions

the situation of cotton textile industry is grim this year

"at present, we should vigorously promote the application of new cotton textile technologies and new raw materials and improve the added value of products." Zhu Beina, President of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, pointed out the direction for more than 12000 cotton textile enterprises to get out of difficulties in the next five years

it is reported that last year, China made good achievements in the production, import and export of gauze, as well as the economic benefits and technological progress of cotton textile. The balanced development of import and export trade and scientific and technological progress have effectively promoted the adjustment of industrial structure and further optimized the regional layout of industries. By the end of 2010, the whole society had 120 million ring spindles, 2.32 million rotor spindles, 1.26 million looms, a total industrial output value of 1258.8 billion yuan and an export delivery value of 98.1 billion yuan

however, in 2011, with the adjustment of macro monetary policy again and again, the cotton textile industry is facing a severe situation. From the price situation of cotton textile raw materials and finished products since this year, it can be seen that before the middle of March, the price of raw cotton, cotton yarn and grey cloth delivered by enterprises maintained a growth momentum, but there was a rapid decline in April and may. In June, the decline of raw materials slowed down. As of June 24, the prices of domestic 329 grade cotton, 32 count plain cotton yarn and plain cotton fabric fell by 21.66%, 20.64% and 17.56% respectively compared with the middle of March this year

new fiber is an eye opener

the continuous decline in the price of raw materials has seriously affected the market confidence of enterprises. The wait-and-see mood is strong, the orders are cautious, the overall market demand is not booming, and the decline in the price of cotton yarn closely follows the decline in the price of raw materials. The current situation of "high price inventory and low price products" in the industry has seriously affected the overall profitability

textile enterprises have never been a declining industry. The key depends on who wins in the competition

to survive, we must find a way out. "In the future, China's cotton textile industry will focus on the two themes of scientific and Technological Development and sustainable development, and strengthen efforts in scientific and technological progress, industrial upgrading, structural adjustment, brand construction, market development and efficiency improvement." Zhu Beina said. Through technological innovation, accelerating product research and development, promoting new materials and improving product added value are the only "good medicine"

silkworm chrysalis protein fiber, kapok fiber, brown cotton, titanium far-infrared fiber, Tencel, coconut carbon cotton, pineapple leaf fiber... In recent years, the experimental units developed in China can set many new fibers arbitrarily according to the demand, and some fibers are even unheard of

Tencel comes from wood, which is hygroscopic, smooth and elegant; Copper ion modified polyester fiber has the effects of anti-static and anti radiation; Bamboo fiber from bamboo stem has the function of antibacterial and deodorization; Pearl fiber extracted from Pearl not only absorbs moisture and breathes air, but also whitens skin and emits far-infrared rays; After skimming milk, the high-tech processed milk protein fiber contains 17 kinds of amino acids and nourishes the skin...

the selling price is more than 400 yuan/m3 lower than that of the products of mainstream enterprises. New technologies continue to emerge

with the continuous Advent of various new natural fibers and chemical fibers, various related processes and technologies in spinning processing, supporting related equipment or special parts also continue to emerge. Such as siro spinning, filament siro spinning, compact spinning, low torque (false twist) spinning and embedded spinning, which can overcome the shortcomings brought by a single technology and create new products; Advanced rotor spinning technology has the functions of fixed length, electronic yarn cleaning, automatic joint, automatic quality detection, automatic control of winding tension and automatic barrel dropping, which is suitable for renewable fiber spinning

with the adjustment of China's industrial structure and the application of new technologies and methods, the cotton textile industry will have broader development space in the future. It is reported that at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's new spinning technology will achieve the goals of 4 million tons of new structure yarn, 2.8 million tons of compact spinning yarn, 400000 tons of air-jet vortex spinning yarn and 5 million spindles of low torque technology

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