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Application of laser engraving and cutting machine in the advertising industry

laser processing has gradually become a new processing technology with the development of computer, optics, electromechanical, control technology and materials. Laser engraving and cutting machine combines the functions of laser cutting and laser engraving, and is widely used in the advertising industry

laser cutting and laser engraving are two different working methods

laser cutting is to vaporize or melt the workpiece with a focused high-energy laser beam, and blow out the oxidized or molten material with auxiliary gas to form a notch. Laser cutting is the separation of edges. We can first make the graphics into lines in AutoCAD and CorelDRAW, and then save them in the corresponding DXF and PLT formats. Open the cutting operation. These tubular supports have pieces with different diameters and thicknesses. At the same time, open the file, and then set the parameters such as speed and energy according to the materials we want to process, and then run it. After receiving the instructions from the computer, the laser cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software. At present, laser cutting is one of the most widely used and mature laser processing technologies in laser processing. In the advertising industry, it is mainly applicable to the processing of materials such as plexiglass, wood, colored paper, two-color board, and the production of three-dimensional trademarks, crystal characters, etc

laser engraving is usually composed of special laser engraving software, carbon dioxide laser, precision machinery and automatic control system. It is a low-cost high-tech laser product. Laser engraving is mainly carried out on the surface of objects. We can first properly process the graphics we need to engrave in Photoshop and convert them into bmp format, then open the graphics file in the special engraving and cutting software, and then set the appropriate parameters according to the materials we want to process, and then click Run. However, some villagers said that there was waste gas floating out of the factory in the morning of that day, The laser engraving machine will check whether the analysis results can make the research object in the motion state given by the topic, and will engrave according to the dot matrix effect produced by the graphic file. With the continuous progress of the comprehensive utilization technology of waste plastics, in recent years, new materials formed by processing plastic wastes have been widely used. Engraving is mainly applicable to the processing of materials such as two-color boards, wood boards, colored paper, plexiglass, etc. in the advertising industry

laser engraving and cutting machine combines all the advantages of laser cutting and laser engraving, with higher cost performance and higher requirements for control system and laser, mainly for products that require both model effect and graphic effect. Laser engraving and cutting machine is mainly applicable to signs, photo albums, road signs, signs and other handicrafts and indicative signs in the advertising industry

although laser engraving and cutting machines have only begun to develop in the advertising industry in recent years, they have great market potential, which is due to the rapid development of the advertising industry. For laser equipment manufacturing enterprises, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. In order to occupy the market, we must consider factors such as improving the running speed, improving the technical content, improving the processing accuracy, and improving the stability of the system

source: Guangdong Han's Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd

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