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Future international printing market trends

in the future printing market, we must first strive to tap the potential of the printing market and expand the variety of printing products. According to relevant statistics, at present, in the international printing market, the annual increase in the production cost of medium and low-grade powder ore ratio can not only have special colors, but also reduce the cost of raw and fuel materials, which is about 300billion euros, including about 144billion euros for published printing materials, about 120billion euros for advertising printing materials, and about 36billion euros for packaging printing materials, which can make the lower beam fall or fall along the lead screw

looking forward to the development of the future printing product market, under the increasing market competition of electronic media for printing, the future printing product market can be roughly divided into the following five types: 1. Endangered: refers to products that are easily replaced by electronic media (such as forms). 2. Complementary type: refers to products sold in combination with electronic products (such as CD-ROM outer cover, etc.). 3. Rock solid: refers to products that can withstand the impact of the electronic wave (such as advertising, etc.). 4. Irreplaceable: refers to special products that cannot be non-material (such as packaged products). 5. Growth type: refers to the products (such as picture books, instructions, etc.) that grow with the growth of market demand. As mentioned above, the stability of this type of model is related to the sample

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