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Application of laser machine in packaging and printing industry

for most products, packaging is not only a necessity, but also can become a distinctive selling point, so as to promote product sales. It is very important for the packaging industry to print the product's trademark, logo, bar code, or other marks on the product packaging. Other important applications include punching holes in plastic packaging to extend the shelf life of perishable food; Or tear holes are reserved on paper packaging, cardboard, or plastic packaging in advance. Jinyun laser engraving machine cutting machine marking machine

laser engraving technology plays an important role in the packaging and printing industry in the world. Due to the existence of these problems of laser technology, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. It can carry out the contact free printing process to minimize the wear of product packaging. Moreover, the printing process is quite fast and accurate, and the printed graphics or fonts are permanent and wear-resistant. Jinyun laser industry application solution

this technology can provide fast, clean, safe and accurate packaging and printing effects for the ultra light weight packaging industry and paper industry

China's achievements in economic development have attracted worldwide attention and has the most potential market in the world. With the gradual development of flexible printing in China, the demand for laser ceramic roller will be increasing

compared with traditional processing equipment, laser processing equipment has obvious advantages. Jinyun laser engraving machine cutting machine marking machine

laser processing equipment adopts optical, mechanical and electrical integration technology, which is integrated with computers. It has the characteristics of high speed and efficiency. In addition, it is far better than traditional processing equipment in accuracy, quality and smoothness. Therefore, it can transform and improve the traditional pre press and post press process links. Jinyun laser industry application solutions

in addition, as people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of printed products, the application prospect of laser processing equipment in the printing and packaging industry will be wider as it can "thread a needle" to make the composite layers achieve a good combination

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