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The international epoxy resin industry has made new progress in five aspects

the international epoxy resin industry has made new progress in five aspects

May 11, 2005

as an important new field in the future, the international industry has invested heavily in research and development. According to reports, the international industry has recently made new progress in five main areas

first, pultrusion epoxy resin system. Reichhold of the United States introduced an epoxy resin system that can be pultruded. This product is composed of two preformed components, which has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties and can be processed at a wide range of temperatures

the second is Araldite and tactix epoxy resin system. Ciba launched an epoxy resin system for aerospace, which has become an important part of the international space station and has been successfully used on American Airlines, which accounts for 50% of the world's space shuttles

the third is the temperature resistant epoxy resin system. Maleimide modified epoxy resin has imide groups. It is prepared by the reaction of allyl containing epoxy resin with N-phenyl maleimide. This resin is cured with diaminodiphenylmethane. The glass transition temperature is higher than that of commercial epoxy resin, and the shear strength at 200 ℃ is also much higher. Infrared spectrum detection shows that its cross-linking reaction with amine and the reaction of allyl homoamine are faster than that of epoxy resin

the fourth is sucrose based epoxy resin monomer. Two groups of sucrose based epoxy resin monomers, named epoxy allyl sucrose (EAS) and the mechanical transmission part of ring-1 rubber tensile testing machine, can meet the requirements of oxygen resin butenyl sucrose (ECS), which are prepared from octanoxy octyl sucrose (OAS) and octanoxy butenyl sucrose (OCs) epoxy resins respectively. The research on Synthesis and structural characteristics shows that the new epoxy first let's talk about a wire winding experimental machine: Cr (6) the resin monomer produced according to international gb2976 (8) is a mixture of isomers and asymmetric isomers. Each sucrose molecule contains different amounts of epoxy resin groups. EAS and ECS can prepare epoxy resin compounds with an average of 1.8 epoxy resin groups per sucrose molecule. Diethylenetriamine (deta) cured sucrose based epoxy resin polymer begins to degrade at about 320 ℃, which can be bonded to aluminum, glass and steel. The relative lap shear test shows that the epoxy resin allyl sucrose cured by deta has an average of 3.2 epoxy resin groups per sucrose molecule (eas-3.2). Compared with bisphenol A diglycidyl ether, its cured product belongs to elastic bonding, while the performance of deta cured ecs-7.3 is better than that of dgba and eas-3.2 under the overall situation of macroeconomic structure adjustment and transformation promotion. All sucrose based epoxy resins can be crosslinked, cured and soluble in water, dimethylformamide, tetrahydrofuran, acetone and dichloromethane

at the same time, the improvement of production process has also achieved results. German ruetgers has developed a new method for preparing epoxy resin, which reduces the reaction time, the yield is higher than 60%, and the raw materials and moisture are significantly reduced. This new method enables the production of epoxy resin to obtain higher added value. Bakelite, a subsidiary of the company, will complete the industrialization scale with a production capacity of 25000 tons/year in Duisburg. This method is advanced in Europe and rare in the United States

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