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The International Energy Agency said last week that if a new global agreement on limiting carbon emissions is reached in the next few months, it will significantly curb the use of alternative resources and energy-saving measures in the next few years Control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine) constitute the growth of oil consumption. This means that the oil consumption, which has been growing for many years and driving the high oil price, will face a major turning point for the first time

the International Energy Agency, headquartered in Paris, said in its annual World Energy Outlook last week that if important agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are signed and implemented by countries including the United States, global demand for crude oil (79.55, -0.03, -0.04%) may only increase by about 6million barrels per day to about 91million barrels per day from the current level by 2030

strengthen the protection of the feeding hole. The agency predicts that the international oil price will reach about $100/barrel by 2020 and $115/barrel by 2030. This prediction is much more conservative in the eyes of the outside world

"the reason for this scene is that the agreement reached at the climate conference will help promote the industry and consumers to use energy more effectively, and stimulate the automotive industry to develop electric vehicles and other non oil driven technologies, focusing on the development of deep-processing projects such as cold rolling, surface treatment, shearing, lightweight, steel restructuring." The International Energy Agency said in its annual outlook

the agency also said that reaching an agreement on climate change at the Copenhagen climate conference in December is crucial to encouraging investment in low-carbon energy and technology, otherwise the world will face a substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions. According to the current policy, the concentration of long-term greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere will exceed 1000 parts per million (PPM), which will lead to a sharp rise in global temperature

in the view of the agency, the price of carbon credit must more than double the current trading level in Europe in order to make high-tech solutions to climate change economically attractive

however, the International Energy Agency also warned that future increases in crude oil prices could cause trouble. If the recent rise in oil prices continues, the economic recovery will face risks. Moreover, if the rise in oil prices continues until 2010, the rebound in oil demand itself will also slow down

in recent years, the prediction of global oil demand by the International Energy Agency has often been criticized as overly optimistic by industry analysts. However, the agency currently predicts that the global oil consumption will only increase from the current 85million barrels/day to 88million barrels/day in the next five years. This expectation is far lower than the total demand of 94 million barrels per day in 2015 predicted by the agency a year ago

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