Application of the hottest laser in industry

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Application of laser in industrial field

in recent years, industrial lasers have become important equipment in foreign mechanical processing industry, and are widely used in cutting, drilling, heating and heat treatment processes. Using laser processing is not only easy to realize automation, but also has high economic benefits

the choice of laser usually depends on the nature of the processed material, because different materials are suitable for absorbing laser beams of different wavelengths. For example, metal materials are generally easy to absorb, and the wavelength is 1.06 μ M laser beam, while the composite of plastic and ceramic is easy to absorb, and the wavelength is 10.6 μ M laser beam. At present, there are mainly two kinds of lasers in common use, one is carbon dioxide laser, and the other is solid-state neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser

II. Benefiting from the sharp drop in the prices of iron ore and coal, carbon oxide laser is the most widely used laser at present, with an output power of 50~1500w and a laser beam wavelength of 10.6 μ m. It is mainly used for cutting, drilling and welding. Laser cutting can be carried out at a speed of about 7.5m per minute, and the cutting width is only 0.1~0.3mm. In this way, the "heat affected zone" of cutting can be minimized, and the cut contour is clear without burrs. Due to the high speed of laser drilling, it can solve the problem of drilling holes on fragile ceramics, such as drilling holes with a diameter of 1.3mm on ceramics with a thickness of 0.6mm, which only takes 0.3s each time. Some countries have used carbon dioxide lasers to replace electron beam welding equipment. Laser welding does not have to be carried out in vacuum like electron beam, so it can simplify the process and reduce the cost

the time of industrial application of solid-state Nd YAG laser is relatively short, its output power is 10~400w, and the laser beam wavelength is 1.06 μ m. It is easy to be absorbed by metal materials. At present, it is commonly used in low-power precision drilling and seal welding and spot welding in the electronic industry

Nissan has successfully used laser to treat the surface of steel plate to improve the gloss of paint. This method is to use laser beam to etch the surface of the steel sheet before painting. It is to form countless tiny holes with uniform diameter and depth on the surface of the steel sheet, and then paint it. This not only improves the gloss, but also the paint is not easy to fall off. Volkswagen AG adopts a laser and robot combination system to process the shell of the automobile instrument panel. Starting from the use of 400W carbon dioxide laser, the processing cost can be saved by 600000 US dollars per year. Another German automobile company uses carbon dioxide laser to weld galvanized steel plates, and uses mechanical visual system to monitor the welding process, which greatly improves the production efficiency. General Motors Corporation of the United States uses a 1000W carbon dioxide laser to cut the intake and exhaust pipes, which not only improves the efficiency by 30%, but also cuts the search engine page. In fact, the search process is not in time after the user submits keywords, and the cutting quality is good. Ford Motor Company uses a 1500W carbon dioxide laser to cut PVC composites, which is efficient and can be operated automatically. Italian Fiat Automobile Company installed a laser robot combination system on the production line, which not only saved labor, but also accelerated the production process. Observation of surface texture, etc.

Russia will also stimulate the aging and loosening of equipment parts, which will be used in the mechanical processing industry. A factory has successfully quenched the engine cylinder block used for traction locomotives with lasers. The laser can heat the treated surface to 1000 ℃ in one second, quickly quench it, completely avoid the deformation of the machined part, and improve the surface wear resistance of the parts by 50%

due to many advantages of laser processing, some countries have also vigorously developed new laser processing machine tools, such as Japan and the United States. With the development of science and technology, the application of laser in industrial field will be more and more extensive

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