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The International Energy Research Center launched a new blockchain project to accelerate energy trading

according to the econotimes newspaper, building a talent training platform, the International Energy Research Center (ierc) launched a new project enerport, which aims to accelerate Ireland's point-to-point energy trading through blockchain technology and ensure that users have absolute control over their energy bills

it is understood that theinternationalenergyresearchcenter is a comprehensive non-profit organization for sustainable energy system technology research and innovation cooperation. It usually takes a few weeks to launch a new blockchain project, energyport, which aims to accelerate P2P energy transactions by using blockchain technology

it is reported that the project was launched in cooperation with insightcentre under nuigalway in Ireland, and the first pilot site was also selected in Ireland. Other participating enterprises include systemlinktechnologies, msemicon and verbatm. The goal of this project is to understand and explore how cutting-edge technologies such as IOT and blockchain can provide enterprises and consumers with an energy trading platform

in addition, the project will also change the experimental profile of the spring to ship the host to provide incentives for energy-saving users, and effectively manage small-scale power generation user transactions between neighbors

according to the official information released, enerport will provide a scalable blockchain P2P energy transaction proof of concept in distributed electricity, and focus on the market's proximity to software and hardware needs, protocols, regulations and policies

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