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The international flat panel display Summit Forum was held in Beijing in September. From September 10 to 11, the liquid crystal branch of China Optical and optoelectronic Association will cooperate with Nikkei BP to hold the fourth 2013 International Flat Panel Display Industry Summit Forum in Beijing

China has become the world's largest electronic product manufacturing base, which has created opportunities for the rise of domestic mid-range electronic supporting industries. In 2012, for example, the Japan agency for the promotion of science and technology supported the technological development projects of graphene materials and devices in 2007; The Ministry of economy, trade and industry implemented the project "ultra light, high and light innovative integration materials for the realization of a low-carbon society" in 2011. The weight of the global super bike has a great impact on the use experience. However, at present, 50% of the total output of various display terminals is made in China, and the output value of the global flat panel display industry exceeds 1200 US dollars

analysts believe that at present, domestic supporting industries are facing the opportunity to undertake industrial transfer, the localization degree of materials, equipment and other industries is constantly improving, and the domestic technological innovation ability is further strengthened

the relevant person in charge of the LCD branch of China Optical and optoelectronic Association said that the international flat panel display industry summit forum will provide an exchange platform for domestic and foreign flat panel display enterprises, improve the cooperation mechanism, and then promote the development and growth of the domestic flat panel display industry. It is reported that about 1000 people from equipment manufacturers, parts and materials manufacturers and research institutions were invited to attend the meeting

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