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Application of laser marking on low-voltage electrical appliances

at present, the marking of low-voltage electrical appliances is mainly carried out through ink pad printing technology, specifically including the identification of low-voltage electrical appliances such as fuses, air switches, leakage protectors and product names. But this also faces a problem, that is, in the process of use, because these parts are relatively easy to produce friction, it is difficult to identify the logo in the process of use, which brings a lot of unnecessary trouble to future use. So how can we ensure the durability of the marking effect and not easy to wear? I believe everyone will think of some advantages of laser marking machine in this regard at this time

the marking of low-voltage electrical appliances includes model and specification, product identification, etc. the traditional ink pad printing technology still has shortcomings in the production process, mainly because the ink is easy to fall off, not exquisite enough, there are many varieties, it is difficult to make and change plates, and the cost of consumables (ink) is high. In order to strengthen the ink adhesion ability, we need to add curing agent, so we need to replace an ink cartridge every 8 hours, even if the ink cartridge is not used up, it will be discarded. The imported 80g ink cartridge is about 400 yuan a day. Based on three pad printers in three shifts a day, the annual consumables are as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan, especially the high cost of materials, which is an urgent problem for any low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturer to solve

the laser marking machine completes the marking of the mark on the workpiece through the function of the laser. It will not attach the mark to the surface of the workpiece like ink printing, so as to ensure the durability of the marking effect and will not disappear due to the long-term touch of our fingers, which plays a very important role in our correct operation of low-voltage electrical appliances. Moreover, the laser marking machine can reduce the marking cost, protect the environment and achieve exquisite marking effect through the operation without consumables, which is a good improvement for ink printing

according to our analysis of operating costs and examples of production enterprises, the operating costs of ink pad printing equipment are far higher than those of laser equipment. We have made a small-scale use through several large domestic production enterprises. In the process of use, users have fully realized the advantages of laser and the profit growth point brought to the enterprise through the comparison of the two production methods. At the same time, it also makes them speed up the replacement of equipment, which also shows that the application of laser in low-voltage electrical appliance industry is a trend in the future

specific analysis of laser advantages:

(1) good anti-counterfeiting

the laser mark is a permanent mark, which is not easy to be altered. The font is continuous. Chery company also suggested that the target lines of parts and components products first developed in Chery new energy vehicles are clear, and their fonts can be designed with proprietary fonts that are not easy to imitate according to requirements. If laser marking system (marking anti-counterfeiting code) is combined with voice query, its anti-counterfeiting performance will be higher

(2) strong traceability of permanent marks

due to the easy erasure of traditional marks, at present, with the improvement of the traceability requirements of auto parts in the automotive industry, that is, the need for permanent marks, laser marking of auto parts has been widely used

(3) less environmental pollution

ink pad printing ink is not completely non-toxic and harmless to human body. Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more chemical toxic residues, which will not only pollute the environment, but also damage the health of workers. They are gradually eliminated products in the world. In the United States, inkjet machines are no longer allowed to mark the inner packaging of drugs, and laser marking machines are used instead

(4) low operating cost

the laser marking system in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry is a zero consumable operation, which saves a lot of money for enterprises compared with the consumable cost of the traditional marking system. The laser marking system in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry uses fiber lasers, and the fiber laser is a consumable free laser, with a laser life of 10 hours. The whole machine is designed with wind energy, and the power consumption of the equipment is 0.5 degrees/hour

(5) low equipment failure rate launched by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in 2011 - service notes of laboratory machine debugging personnel

the laser marking system in the low-voltage electrical industry is a maintenance free fiber laser, and the laser is maintenance free for 100000 hours

schematic diagram of laser ink pad printing system

working principle: use laser ink pad printing control software to produce marking contents such as pattern, text, number and serial number, as well as the adjustment and parameter control of laser and scanning mirror. The signal of photoelectric detector is calculated and processed by computer, and then the digital signal is output. The digital signal is converted into analog signal by the control board, which is used to control the light output of the laser and the rotation angle of the scanning mirror, so as to achieve the purpose of marking

key hardware: laser, galvanometer, computer, software and control board

Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. has a 25 year history of researching and developing lasers. It has always maintained a leading position in technology in China and has been committed to providing comprehensive laser manufacturing solutions for the low-voltage electrical industry

hgl-lsf series laser marking machine is a new model product developed on the basis of continuous improvement of the previous generation and combined with the advanced technology of similar foreign products. Using fiber laser and high-speed galvanometer scanning system, the whole set of equipment basically has no mechanical moving parts and vulnerable parts, which truly ensures 24-hour continuous trouble free production and maintenance free time of more than 100000 hours. All technical indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products, which has obvious technical and reliability advantages compared with similar domestic products. In the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, there have been many successful cases -

pressure testing machine when the pressure signal acts on the sensor, the low-voltage electrical appliance marking sample:


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