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International Energy Cooperation welcomes the opportunity to refute the "flicker" of the shale gas revolution

as Chinese energy enterprises have accelerated the pace of going global in recent years, China's international energy cooperation is also getting better. On September 24, hosted by Renmin University of China and organized by the international energy strategy research center of Renmin University of China and the new energy economic and trade observation magazine, the press conference of China Energy International Cooperation report 2012/2013 and the 20-year Seminar on China energy international cooperation were held in Beijing. The report comprehensively reviewed the achievements and impacts of China's international energy cooperation in the past 20 years, and made a comprehensive analysis of the annual international energy situation. The report shows that since the import of refined oil products in 1993, China's international energy cooperation has achieved remarkable results in the past 20 years. China has implemented more than 100 international oil and gas cooperation projects in 33 countries around the world and built five international oil and gas cooperation zones. China has become an important energy partner of all countries in the world. At the same time, it also promotes the multipolarization of the international energy order

xuqinhua, director of the international energy strategy research center of Renmin University of China and editor in chief of the China Energy International Cooperation report, said that over the past two decades, China's overseas energy cooperation has experienced changes from less to more, from small to large, from the edge to the core

summarizing the development process of the past 20 years, there are three characteristics, First, China energy international cooperation. The goal of this project is "Whether the space structure is suitable for the use of space vehicles is diversified, from oil and gas to renewable energy, scientific and technological equipment and other fields. Second, the international partners continue to expand, and bilateral international energy cooperation has been established with nearly 40 countries. Third, the ways of cooperation continue to innovate, with the involvement of financial factors and the participation of non-state-owned enterprises. Xu Qin Hua Dao.

and in China International Yang Xiao, director of the trade promotion and exchange center of the Trade Promotion Association, the total annual demand for PP film materials in China is about 3.6 million tons. It seems that now is the best time for international energy cooperation. China must seize this opportunity, and there should be a rapid growth in energy trade, investment, research and development in the future. We should use a strategic perspective to have the right to speak and take the initiative in energy cooperation

it is noteworthy that as a new upstart in the energy field in recent years, the development of shale gas and the U.S. blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market in the fourth quarter also saw ups and downs. Application became a hot topic for experts and scholars at the seminar on that day

in order to investigate the prospects of domestic shale gas development, hezhicheng, chief economist of the head office of the Agricultural Bank of China and researcher of the international energy strategy research center of Renmin University of China, has run many projects in recent years. He took the shale gas well in southern Sichuan, which he had followed for three years, as an example, and resolutely refuted the current market view that China's shale gas revolution was called a big flicker: I have followed this well for three years, and the equipment investment alone was 600 million. If it was a flicker, how could it be so big

however, he Zhicheng also admitted that there are still many technical problems with external computers in the development and utilization of domestic shale gas, so it is necessary to strengthen Sino foreign cooperation in the future, introduce funds and technology, and promote China to form a technological innovation path like the United States. Only in this way can China's shale gas have hope. In this regard, Yang Xiaodong also holds a similar view. He said that the shale gas technology in the United States is very advanced, and we must learn from foreign giants modestly in the process of international cooperation

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