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Ale Shi Xiaoming: there will be three major adjustments in the change of enterprise communication mode

Shi Xiaoming, vice president of industry marketing in Asia Pacific region of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication (ALE) and chairman of ale China, said in an interview with sina technology that the biggest problem in the enterprise communication market is that the overall business volume of the traditional market is relatively shrinking. As for bat entering the enterprise service market through the cloud, the relative threat is not so great, and everyone has a different model

new entrants are often from the application level, often directly from the cloud to the enterprise application level. We are more focused on infrastructure. Shi Xiaoming said

in October, led by Global CEO Chen Lixin, ale formulated a three-year plan for the future, the core of which is to closely follow the development of the industry market and adjust the enterprise strategy. Specifically, 4. Imitate the real sliding scene in the following aspects: reorganize eight market regions around the world into four sales regions, and make strategic adjustments with industrialization, cloud services and channels as the main line

Shi Xiaoming mentioned that ale is a traditional communication company and a basic network company. Its products are mainly distributed in cloud and data networks. From today's market changes and technological changes, ale has shifted from the traditional technical architecture to the category of application services with cloud development as the trend

from the perspective of industry market, ale will focus on the five major industries of hotel, medical treatment, government, education and transportation, and expand the successful industrialized application practice in the hotel industry to more industries, including medical treatment, education and government industries; And through industrial customized solutions, through the integration of industrial business processes, help industry customers obtain more business development opportunities

talking about the market environment in China, Shi Xiaoming said that the business volume of ale in the fourth quarter of 2016 was better than that in the same period last year. He believes that the main reason is that the overall economic environment is changing in a good direction. Compared with other countries that also require the electronic universal experimental machine industry to hold together for warmth, China is relatively obvious. Many enterprise customers guarantee that the heat emission households of electromechanical work should promote the development of business. There can be good development in the future, especially in 2017

he said that in the past, ale China played a more sales role. Now, in addition to sales, China's competitive advantages and materials will fully reflect the buffer failure flow advantages and manufacturing advantages. Through strategic adjustment, ale will also place more service support centers in China

according to public data, Alcatel lucent enterprise communications was affiliated to Alcatel lucent group before October 2014. On October 1st, 2014, 85% equity of Alcatel Lucent's enterprise communication business was acquired by China Huaxin post and Telecommunications Economic Development Center under SASAC, becoming an enterprise invested and actually controlled by SASAC

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