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Mitsui chemical changes its business focus in Asia

Mitsui chemical company of Japan plans to shift its overseas business focus in Asia to PTA, phenol, bisphenol A and elastomer. The company predicts that the sales profit of these oil products of observation hydraulic control box will increase by 5.5 billion yen (about 45million US dollars) to 10billion yen in fiscal year 2001 (April 1, 2001 to March 31, 2002). In contrast, due to the high cost of naphtha raw materials, the sales profit of olefin and polyolefin business is expected to decrease by 9.3 billion yen to 6billion yen

the company plans to expand the production capacity of intermediates in its Asian neighbors. Because Japan's domestic demand is difficult to grow further, Mitsui PTA company, a 50:50 joint venture with Thailand adhesive company, hopes to put the second set of PTA plant of 400000 T/a into operation in 2002, and increase its total PTA capacity in Thailand to 800000 T/A

currently, it is considering to invest 30billion yen to build a 500000 T/a PTA plant in China. If feasible, this means that the total investment in aluminum pipe lap welded aluminum plastic pipe gb/t18997.1 ⑵ 003 will reach about 100billion yen. At the same time, the company predicts that the annual growth rate of PTA demand in China will reach 10% from 2002 to 2005, exceeding the prediction of 5% in other parts of Asia

All standards will be issued before the deadline of June 1 set by the State Council.

in addition to PTA, Mitsui will also increase the capacity of other products. For example, Mitsui phenol PTE Singapore plans to increase the existing phenol capacity from 700000 T/A to 750000 T/A in 2003 by eliminating bottlenecks, and plans to build another new plant with an annual output of 250000 t in 2005. Mitsui believes that driven by the strong growth of bisphenol A in Asia, the annual growth rate of phenol will reach 8% in the next few years, so it decides to expand its phenol capacity in Singapore. Mitsui bisphenol a Singapore Pte company is also gradually expanding its capacity, because the annual growth of polycarbonate demand in Asia is expected to reach 9%. The company is testing the new second 70000 T/a bisphenol a production unit. It is expected that the subsequent spin off is intended to make the company more focused on commercial production in early 2002. Thereafter, the third 70000 T/a bisphenol a plant will be built in the fourth quarter of 2002. With the existing 70000 T/a device, the company's total capacity of bisphenol A will reach 210000 T/A. Mitsui will also expand its elastomer production capacity. Mitsui elastomer PTE Singapore will build a 100000 t/a elastomer production line by the end of 2002, which is expected to start in early 2003

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