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Adiwang: Shanzhai marketing of Shanzhai brand

a shoe-making enterprise from Jinjiang is opening another marketing prologue besides the traditional marketing method

Adi Wang, although this fake brand based on the basic survival principle of "counterfeiting" has been "criticized" on the Internet since its birth, who can deny that Adi Wang's "criticism" against the Internet is not an excellent promotion method that Adi Wang has gained such high popularity among young groups now

an interesting phenomenon is that just as Guo Degang, as a famous crosstalk actor, likes to call himself a "non famous crosstalk actor", as a non famous brand, you gave adiwang the title of "the peak brand of the universe", which is also memorable

marketing is also "out of line". Facing the rapidly changing market, Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, revised his highly praised "4P" theoretical model and replaced it with the latest marketing model ccdvtp. As a business in the era of "marketing defeating the enemy", it should naturally have an extremely realistic sense of urgency to update its marketing methods in line with market changes

Prelude: the spoof campaign of Shanzhai brands

known as the portal of China's first entertainment interaction ★★★ Jinan trial price discount, maopu is home to a large number of post-80s and post-90s generation. Here, all serious and serious are evolved into a funny "maopu spirit" by ridicule

the real popularity of Adi Wang in the network is due to the ridicule of people who claim to have "cat pouncing spirit"

at first, a friend named doctorlob posted on mop, "I see a brand called" Adi Wang "today. The full text is only more than 60 words:" I see a brand of sneakers called Adi Wang today, and their slogan is' everything can change '. My God, there are still everyone in the world, there are all brands, slogans, and they all learn from others... "In order to prove that what I said is true, The friend also posted a picture of adiwang's exclusive store

maybe it's the brand name that Adi Wang is too close to Adidas, or the brand logo that Adi Wang is too similar to Adidas, or the specious slogan that Adi Wang said "everything can be changed". Soon, Adi Wang, who was considered "shocking" by friends, began to spread a lot on cat flutter and was "ridiculed"

a series of articles about ADI King began to appear frequently: "everyone has a pair of ADI king in his heart", technical standard for building structure testing gb/t50344 ⑵ 004 "today's reason: I taught two non mainstream people a lesson in the supermarket wearing ADI King's new straw sandals", "I finally bought ADI king with a mortgage", "today I wiped shoes for a person wearing ADI king"...

these articles are not only original in title, Moreover, there are rich themes and varied genres, The novel "I lost my feet for a pair of ADI kings", a spoof of ADI kings, can be regarded as one of the representative works:

"We sat on a high mound and listened to my mother talk about King ADI. I was born in an unusual family, and my mother knew how to predict. When I was young, my mother often told me: 'in the future world, something called King ADI will become more important than oil and yellow gold...' at that time, I listened crazily until midnight. I was fascinated by it, and let my nose run into my mouth. When I grew up, I finally know what king ADI is. It is a divine thing that is more important to hundreds of millions of people than their own lives... "

with the increasing popularity of the spoof movement, King ADI has also been infinitely deified and praised, and even become the" peak brand of the universe "elected by friends. Many people take pleasure in reading King ADI's posts, which also urges more people to actively participate in the spoof movement and express their infinite worship of King ADI with newer and more interesting words and pictures

popularity: the ubiquity of Shanzhai advertisements

now it seems that the popularity of maopu is only the prelude to adiwang's debut. Next, a series of promotions of adiwang will completely interpret this Shanzhai brand as a kind of popularity

Baidu Encyclopedia is called "shangencyclopedia". Here, people can find almost all explanations and introductions about famous things. In fact, the seemingly rigorous content of Baidu Encyclopedia is owned by friends. Therefore, it has become a great pleasure for friends to fabricate and tamper with the comments about Adi Wang in Baidu Encyclopedia

in Baidu Encyclopedia, the origin of adiwang company has always been "a wholly-owned company registered in China by adiwang (International) Sports Development Group Co., Ltd. of Solomon Islands", and is known as "a luxury brand that can share the same or even surpass adinese", and this version is also the content of the "sworn defense" of the pranksters. Even if it is modified, it will soon be restored

not only spoof the Internet, but also some TV advertisements have become a platform for Adi Wang to continue to expand its influence. Yida gum advertisements with high frequency have been replaced by Adi queen, It has become such a version on the Forum:

"Before I left, I took out 100 yuan with my body temperature and bought these two pairs of ADI kings. Just as I was about to leave the store, the waiter shouted to me, 'your ADI king!' I looked back with a smile and replied, 'it's your ADI king.' the waiter blushed at that time. I immediately walked out of the door in a hurry. I thought the waiter would take all ADI kings out of the counter and count them one by one: 'he Ming The day will come, he won't come tomorrow... "

and the continuous advertisements broadcast on CCTV 3, 5 and Hunan Satellite TV completely pushed the discussion about Adidas king to a climax. With the roar of" I'mcoming ", the brand name, brand logo and advertising style all imitated Adidas' Adidas king, and the slogan" everything can be changed "was called" Ju Lei Ren "by many friends. What is more worth mentioning is that in the advertising film, the image spokesman of Adi Wang, AI kangmi (pronounced with Chinese I'mcoming), was also searched out by friends afterwards. Playing in the low-level League, he was jokingly called "another basketball star after Jordan and Kobe"

not only that, even the global economic hot spot events have also failed to escape the "clutches" of ADI king. A post entitled "latest news, ADI king has offered 3000 trillion US dollars to rescue the market" has been spread by countless friends, even if friends know that such a good authenticity such as high specific surface area, high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high barrier, high thermal stability, high magnetism, high mechanical strength and light transmittance is zero, But facing the economic crisis with the spirit of entertainment still makes them feel endless fun

thinking: the Kung Fu behind Shanzhai marketing

although we often say that "Heroes regardless of origin", we often see that "origin determines destiny". Jinjiang, the "shoe capital of China" famous for its production of sporting goods, has emerged dozens of well-known brands, such as Anta, Tebu, 361 °, sidelong, noble bird, Delphi, etc. For a long time, the "CCTV advertising + star endorsement" model has indeed helped some Jinjiang enterprises achieve great success in a short time, but at the same time, the huge advertising fees and star endorsement fees have also greatly damaged the vitality of some enterprises. In the era of increasingly innovative marketing, the simple advertising plus star endorsement model has been difficult to play a strong advertising effect

in the marketing environment with the awakening of consumers' independent consciousness and increasingly diversified information channels, it is of great significance for enterprises to abandon the traditional knowledge popularization and information indoctrination marketing promotion, and strengthen the interactive communication and two-way communication with consumers

adiwang, a brand born in the grass-roots and committed to imitating well-known brands from the beginning, although it is a Shanzhai brand through and through, with its unique and basically zero cost Shanzhai marketing, it has obtained an incredible reputation in a very short time, which is undoubtedly thought-provoking

from the initial simple article to the subsequent comments, pranks, and worship about Adi Wang, Adi Wang used the interaction between friends incisively and vividly. An originally vulgar brand was infinitely praised and exaggerated, and friends will always find endless fun. These creative, humorous and intelligent articles are full of comedy elements, which spread rapidly among friends like a virus, "your adiwang" has even become a popular Internet language. Many friends have a happy attitude after reading adiwang's post, and deeply remember the adiwang brand. It is worth noting that because of the recognition of the posts related to Adi Wang, most friends also began to recognize Adi Wang. After laughing, they began to think about a question: when will I buy a pair of Adi Wang "show off"

many cases tell us that taking advertising as a gamble often ends in advertising death. To measure whether a marketing method is successful, the standard should be to see whether it has reached the core goal of promotion. Looking at adiwang's copycat marketing, there is no large amount of advertising investment, but it is only triggered by a web post, which is as simple as spoofing, and as simple as exaggerating to praise a copycat brand that should have been laughed at and despised. However, it is not simple that all pranks and "worship" point in one direction: let more people know adiwang, and let those who know adiwang recognize adiwang brand in laughter

therefore, being able to play is also a marketing realm, entertaining and entertaining consumers, and the resulting "comparative effect" will undoubtedly greatly enhance the brand's popularity and reputation. When we review the classic marketing cases again, "imitation + innovation" may be the most worthy marketing model, such as Tencent, which has been imitating but also innovating. Perhaps as Adi Wang's advertisement says, "everything can be changed." In the new market environment, if marketing cannot change with time, how can it develop

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