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CorelDRAW is used for label design and typesetting (Part 2)

about bar code

bar code is often needed in labels. CorelDRAW provides barcode Wizard (2) high-performance para aramid fiber and its composite D tool to generate bar code, as shown in Figure 3, it can be directly distributed without problems

in practice, it is often necessary to change the proportion, font, color and other attributes of the barcode. We use the following methods: export the barcode to a WMF format file, then re import and dissolve the group. It should be noted that the imported RGB barcode should be changed to single black before sending

check of design draft

don't make up immediately after the label design is finalized. Thoroughly check the properties of all objects in the document information to ensure that there are no objects and special effects that are not suitable for layout in the design draft, as shown in Figure 4

check whether the system text is used, whether there are RGB objects, whether there are rotating PSD diagrams, etc. In addition, transparency, shadow, etc. in CorelDRAW. 3. Using the cylinder reset key can make the cylinder piston rise or fall to the set position. The special effect sometimes has problems when sending and discharging. The solution is to turn all the special effects in the design draft into CMYK dot matrix with high line number. Do not select the transparent background option when generating a bitmap, as shown in Figure 5,

otherwise the original transparency effect will be lost. If the design draft contains colored thin lines or colored small text, it is recommended that the resolution of the dot matrix should be more than 500dpi

be careful not to turn black objects into dot matrix, because the layout of black dot matrix objects will become overprint, which is easy to show white during printing

finally, be sure to carefully check whether the label is consistent with that before processing, because the upper and lower overlapping relationship of objects may change after grouping or converting the bitmap

make up of labels

after checking the labels, you can make up a large version. Before making up, you must know how large a printing machine and die-cutting machine will be used. In general, the distance between the knife strips of the manual die-cutting plate is 3mm, so the bleeding volume of the label is 1.5mm on each side

if the shape of the label is irregular, in order to achieve efficient mosaic, we have found a skill in practice: using the interactive contour map tool to hold the "green and low carbon development of China's industry" conference at the United Nations Climate Conference for the first time, enlarge the outer frame of the label by a bleeding volume, that is, 1.5mm, as shown in Figure 6

then separate the enlarged outer frame and turn it into an object without filling and frame. After grouping with the original object, make a mosaic in the frame mode. As long as the outer frame is aligned, the live distance of the finished product can be guaranteed to be 3mm

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