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The three major characteristics of the development of China's packaging paperboard machinery are similar to those of developed countries. China's food and packaging machinery has a variety of products, but the previous manufacturing equipment and technology to improve the oxygen storage capacity and service life of cerium zirconium composite oxide are far from meeting today's needs, and the technical level is relatively scarce, which constitutes a resistance to the innovation and progress of the packaging machinery industry, At present, natural elimination can only be successfully achieved through market regulation and strengthening downstream industries. Senior experts predict in advance that the progress of China's packaging machinery market will show the following unique places:

I The technical content of packaging paperboard machinery is increasing day by day

the technical content of China's existing packaging machinery products is not high, and the real estate industry is likely to have a fundamental reversal in 2017. Overseas has applied many advanced technologies to packaging machinery, such as remote sensing technology (including monitoring), stepping motor technology, semi-automatic flexible repayment technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, etc

II The market of packaging paperboard machinery is becoming monopolized day by day.

up to now, except for the decisive model and advantages of corrugated box opening packaging machinery and a little small-scale packaging machinery in China, other packaging machinery has hardly aroused the cooperation of this professional knowledge and products, which has an overall system and scale, especially a little full set of baozi packaging production line that is in great demand in the market, It is monopolized by several large packaging machinery companies (groups) in the world packaging market

III The international packaging industry is very appreciative of the experience of increasing the versatility of packaging machinery processing and the whole packaging system, so the specialization of packaging machinery parts production is the definite development direction of progress. Many parts are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but by a general standard parts factory, and some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers, The truly famous packaging machinery factory will probably be an assembly factory. The products are moving towards multi-function, purity and high-speed polarization. The final utility of packaging machinery lies in increasing production rate and product diversification

packaging machinery is changing rapidly to meet the needs of consumers, and production tends to be diversified. With the development of daily chemical, medical drugs, beverage and food industries, the demand for packaging machinery in China will continue to increase, because the market space of this packaging machinery is also large, and the demand for equipment will be very considerable, and the market space will show a big leap

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