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Star products lead the way, core components show strength

Star products lead the way, core components show strength -2010 Sany science and technology festival fruitful

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Guide: on the morning of August 8, 2010, the sun rose, sunny, in the central flower bed of Sany industrial city, with Sany Heavy Industry CEO Yi Xiaogang announcing that the 2010 Sany science and technology festival was open! Nearly 2000 R & D elites were elated and welcomed their own festival. At the opening ceremony, Yi

changes seem to be due to hydrolysis and chemical changes. On the morning of August 8, 2010, the sun rose and was bright. In the flower bed in the center of Sany industrial city, Yi Xiaogang, the executive president of Sany Heavy Industry, announced: "the 2010 Sany science and Technology Festival is open!" Nearly 2000 R & D elites were elated and welcomed their own festival. At the opening ceremony, Yi Xiaogang released the "annual Top Ten Star products of Sany group". Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu, Zhou Fugui, Zhao Xiangzhang and other leaders attended the opening ceremony

at 10:38 a.m., Yi Xiaogang made a "report on the scientific and technological work of Sany group in 2010", which comprehensively summarized the fruitful achievements made by SANY in the last R & D cycle, and deployed the main tasks in the second half of this year and next year

different from the past, this science and technology festival has set a record in terms of the scope and scale of R & D personnel's participation and the number of awards for R & D projects. At the same time, from the first demonstration of the core components independently developed by each business division to the first speech competition to enhance the oral expression ability of R & D talents, Sany's increasingly enhanced innovation strength has brought the unique charm of the science and technology festival

the "Star Fan" of star products

at 10 a.m., as soon as the opening ceremony of the science and technology festival ended, the R & D elites, led by Tang Xiuguo, Yi Xiaogang, Mao Zhongwu, Zhou Fugui and other leaders, visited one set of star products displayed outdoors. 2. Force measurement accuracy: 1n

"you see, how simple our internal layout is." Before hbt60c-1816d Ⅲ D towing pump, Tang Xiuguo stopped. As he leaned over to check the internal structure of the tow pump, he said proudly

it is learned that the towing pump is the result of the comprehensive creative design of the overall shape of the product based on the integration of Sany aesthetic thought. Its main components are not only CE certified, but also have won more than 20 national patents, such as computer-controlled energy saving of diesel engine and automatic piston withdrawal

next to the concrete pump truck sy5418thb56 Ⅱ, many R & D personnel gathered around to look at, touch, take photos and discuss. Among them, there are R & D elites from Sany Heavy equipment and R & D heroes from Sany crane. Everyone is interested in this 56 meter pump truck

at this time, a young man from the pumping research institute took the initiative to become a commentator: "this 56 meter concrete pump truck boom has a vertical height of 56 meters and a displacement of 170 cubic meters per hour. It is the concrete conveying equipment with the longest boom and the largest working capacity in the four axle chassis. It also uses new light materials. Although the boom configuration is very long, the vehicle configuration is very light."

Tang Xiuguo and his party came to the beautiful and atmospheric front crane of the whole vehicle industry. Li Cuiying, President of the Research Institute of Hong Kong Machinery Corporation, greeted them and said, "this is a product with independent intellectual property rights of our Hong Kong Machinery Division. It is not only stable and has strong overload capacity, but also equipped with multiple anti overturn protection systems, which is safe and reliable..." Tang Xiuguo repeatedly praised it after listening to it

it is reported that the outdoor exhibition gallery of this science and technology festival displays all ground cranes, vehicle mounted pumps, asphalt cement mortar trucks, container front cranes, empty container stackers, multifunctional pavers, and full hydraulic pressure. Are they more flexible than silicon chips? What is the best catalyst for special chemical reactions? Or how to coat the surface to achieve the best thermal protection? 16 star products of different types, such as graders and single steel wheel rollers

core components show strength

outdoor exhibition gallery, and star products are in the spotlight; In the indoor exhibition hall, all kinds of core parts are also unrelenting

in the exhibition hall of scientific and technological achievements located in the R & D building, 22 core components such as Sany mobile terminal, IO module, biaxial inclination sensor, pressure sensor, composite cone tube, composite elbow, mine intrinsic safety support controller, torque limiter, etc. were all highlighted at the science and technology festival for the first time. They have completely independent intellectual property rights and are the crystallization of the wisdom of Sany R & D soldiers

syrc Sany remote controller is an industrial remote control product with high performance and high reliability independently developed to improve the convenience of pump truck operation. Its fashionable design and beautiful appearance are particularly eye-catching

Tang Xiuguo came to the exhibition area of core components and stopped for a long time. He picked up the remote control and looked carefully. At this time, the commentator said, "our remote controller not only has outstanding technological advantages in human-computer interaction, but also uses special materials, which are very durable and have outstanding communication stability. He pointed out that it can be widely used in pump trucks, vehicle mounted pumps, cranes, mixer trucks and other engineering machinery products."

"you might as well smash it and have a try." Yi Xiaogang suggested. "OK, I'll try." As soon as Tang Xiuguo let go, "bang", the remote control hit the floor tile. Yi Xiaogang picked up the remote control from the ground and checked it carefully. The remote control was intact

"this remote control has been tested and passed." Tang Xiuguo finished, laughing all around. "OK, I'll try it too." Yi Xiaogang slammed the remote control on the ground again. After the "bang", the remote control is still intact. At this time, the audience was all impressed by the quality of Sany

although the components are small, they are of great significance. In Sany, "independent research and development of core components" has always been an important part of the research and development strategy. It is such core components that have witnessed Sany's courage to climb the peak of science and technology despite difficulties. They make Sany go faster and more stable on the road of creating the world's highest quality products

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