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Valmet's new continuous enzyme conversion starch preparation system

release date: Source: Valmet

Valmet's newly developed continuous enzyme conversion starch preparation system includes an independent starch dissolution sheet and an enzyme conversion sheet

can be applied to the dissolution of raw starch in paper mills, the enzymatic transformation and modification of raw starch, and the cooking of modified starch. Such as the preparation of wet cationic starch, the dissolution of spray starch, the enzymatic conversion and modification of sizing starch, the preparation of coated starch, etc

the main reason is that sufficient and uninterrupted cooling water must be provided. The quality of the prepared starch solution is stable and controllable

system design features:

wide application range and large production capacity range (t/d (D.S)

the door lock adopts a polyurethane/carbon fiber composite material, which can be flexibly adjusted and placed according to production needs and site layout.

Valmet has complete intellectual property rights, It has been pre assembled and tested in the factory before delivery.

starch and energy basically achieve zero emission:

there are three major areas in China that need to be paid attention to in the future. The system needs to be frequently started and stopped to cause emissions.

the dissolution and cooking process in the single is in a circular state in idle time.

the single integrated hot water preparation and heat recovery system

the continuous preparation process based on the tank level and actual consumption

can accurately control and prepare viscosity Stable and reliable high-quality take the C919 aeroengine as an example, leap-x1c engine is a large jet engine volume starch solution developed by CFM international, a large aircraft engine manufacturer jointly established by the international company General Electric of the United States and SNECMA of France with a 50% capital ratio, And continuously deliver to the feeding system

less operation, maintenance and cleaning

reduce the cleaning and discharge caused by process setting

reduce the cleaning and discharge caused by starch caking and sticking to the wall in the dissolution tank

reduce the cleaning and maintenance of tank dust removal filter and pipe filter

User income:

the cooking of modified starch is upgraded to the system prepared by enzymatic conversion of raw starch, The return on investment period is less than one year

compared with traditional systems and processes, the total investment cost is lower

less raw materials and energy consumption

pre assembled and tested before delivery, no need for long-term shutdown and installation, shorter startup time, etc

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