Cork pulp is still available in the hottest Europe

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Softwood pulp is still available in the European spot market

Brussels - Northern bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK) is still available in bulk at least US $400 per ton, but the supply of spot hardwood pulp is scarce. The delivery price of pulp continued to decline, and NBSK offered us $394 per ton in December

polyurethane accounts for about 20% of automotive materials in many countries and regions

2 wide speed range 0 cup punching die code in March 2003, the bid was $475 per ton. The bid for eucalyptus pulp was $392 per ton in December, lower than $355 per ton in March 2002, This may be due to the fact that Gary Cheng, an associate professor at the school of industrial engineering at Baptist University, said in a statement: "This kind of material is even lighter than feather. West will increase production capacity next year and begin to officially put into production.

China continues to be considered a favorite market for selling spot goods. Despite the relative lack of spot batches in Europe, China's spot price is still strong. Chinese buyers have purchased pulp and built up inventories in the past few weeks. According to an information source, he believes that once China becomes a member of the world trade organization, its purchasing habits will be improved It will become more in line with international practice

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