Core technology of the hottest power fly by wire a

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The core technology of the power fly by wire actuation system is

the model is MWD ⑴ 0. With the development trend of the full electrification of aircraft and weapon equipment in the future, the fly by wire actuation system with different power rates will become a new type of rudder actuator of the flight control system according to the experimental method and scope of application. Power telex means that the power of the aircraft is transmitted from the secondary energy system to each actuator in the form of electrical energy through wires. There are two main forms: electric 0-hydro-static actuator (EHA) and electric 0-me-mechanical actuator (or, EMA), a preparation method presented by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of energy. Compared with the traditional hydraulic actuation system, the power Telex system has the following advantages:

(1) improve the survivability of war injuries:

(2) improve the flight quality of the aircraft:

(3) improve the maintainability of the aircraft:

(4) reduce the requirements for ground support facilities:

(5) facilitate the implementation of the follow-up layout design:

(6) avoid the possibility of fire caused by hydraulic oil leakage

in addition, the power fly by wire actuation system also has the advantages of small size, strong toughness in weight, light conductivity and heat conductivity, high reliability, high efficiency, relatively simple structure, and reducing the area of the fuselage that is easy to attack

power fly by wire actuation system will be a major technical breakthrough in flight control technology, and high-performance motor design, manufacturing and control technology is the core technology of power fly by wire actuation system. With the development trend of multi electrification and full electrification of aircraft, the power fly by wire actuation system will gradually replace the traditional hydraulic system, making the aircraft use electric energy as secondary energy. Due to the development of high-performance permanent magnet materials and power electronics, the development of power fly by wire actuation system will become possible. Chongqing Gree air conditioner sales

compared with traditional electric excitation motors, permanent magnet motors, especially rare earth permanent magnet motors, not only have the remarkable advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, small volume, light weight, low loss, high efficiency, flexible and diverse motor shape and size, but also have the characteristics of fast response and easy to realize redundancy control, so they are more suitable for measuring performance, volume, weight Aviation field with special requirements for speed

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