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Correct construction method of plastic expansion pipe

9. Data export: it is compatible with the third party to use program software to plant and bury line wiring. It should include the wiring of buried lines, cable specifications and models of each section of lines, users and load distribution, main thousand line and branch line contacts, electrical energy devices that turn a certain mechanical quality into electrical output, the allowable long-term working current of each section of lines, the actual working current of that year * large current and average current. Geographical routing of buried lines. It mainly includes the geographical form of the power supply scope of the buried line, village houses, roads and bridges, rivers and gullies, the buried depth of each section of the buried line, the location of the branch line box and the electrical box of the buried line signs, etc. Record. Necessary tools and instruments shall be equipped, such as 2500 megaohm buried line fault detectors, which can be purchased in each county. Pay attention to dealing with the following phenomena that are detrimental to the safe operation of buried lines, such as digging soil, digging wells, retting, burning straw, etc. If it is necessary to dig soil, dig wells and build houses within this range under special circumstances, the construction can be carried out only after the approval of the power supply station and reliable measures to ensure the safe operation of buried lines are taken. It is not allowed to pull and connect underground lines without permission, and it is strictly prohibited to bury and connect lines without approval. The increased load of buried lines shall be checked and reviewed, and it is not allowed to exceed the allowable current value of the line. During operation, the leakage current and insulation resistance of buried lines should be measured regularly. Compared with the initial value, it is clear, "said Su Guanwang, a sales engineer of the company's 3D printing division. If there are significant changes, we should find the cause and eliminate the fault. For the buried lines with serious leakage, the operation shall be stopped immediately and can be put into operation again after the fault is eliminated. Special attention should be paid to the overload of buried lines, and the fuse of fuses at all levels should be selected reasonably. Equipment changes of buried lines, regular test data during operation, fault occurrence and elimination, etc. should be recorded in the technical archives, and statistical analysis should be done. The visual inspection shall be carried out regularly, normally once a quarter; The insulation resistance shall be tested once a year. After the initial thunderstorm is buried, the patrol inspection shall be strengthened during the busy farming season and the farmland infrastructure construction period. Article 39 patrol inspection shall be carried out in accordance with Article 37 management content as follows, and the violations shall be corrected in time. During patrol inspection, pay attention to the marker post of branch line box and electric box. The door lock of branch line box and electric box shall be firm and reliable without damage, flooding and rat damage; The cable contact in the box shall be reliable without loosening, overheating and burn marks; The selection of fuse meets the requirements, the protective tube of outgoing line is intact, the lead seal of electric energy metering facilities is intact, and no one is responsible for the change. During the patrol inspection, the problems found should be handled in time, and the problems that cannot be handled by the power supply station should be reported to the power bureau or relevant departments in time. Article 40 for the operation of buried lines, various records shall be made to facilitate statistical analysis, accumulate experience and guide the work. At the end of the full text, plastic expansion tubes are often used to fix fluorescent lamps and other electrical equipment in the construction and installation. The author has made many tests on the installation of plastic expansion pipe and achieved satisfactory results. Before use, the standard plastic expansion pipe should be selected, and then the punching bit with the same specification should be selected according to the specification of the expansion pipe. The drilling depth should be 10 deeper than the length of the expansion pipe. When drilling, the orifice is easy to be damaged, which affects the expansion, so as to maximize the rigidity, change the rigidity and reduce the weight. The overall fixing strength of the expansion pipe is reduced, and then the plastic expansion pipe is plugged to the bottom of the hole. Galvanized self tapping screws should be used for screws. Plastic expansion pipes with rigid corrosion resistance and expansion force ratio less than 8 should adopt No. 8 light hook. After the plastic expansion is plugged to the bottom in the hole on the floor concrete, screw the lamp hook, which must be screwed to the top of the plastic expansion pipe. During the installation, we did the mechanical strength test of the plastic expansion pipe and the lamp hook. On the lamp hook, we hung a thousand weight head made of double strand No. 6 lead wire. The construction worker Shuangyin, who weighs 60 Xiao, exerted extra force to pull it without falling off. Then the whole body hung in the air and swayed, and the plastic expansion pipe was still reliable. If the expansion pipe is fixed on hollow bricks and perforated plates, precast blocks can be set there. When the plastic expansion pipe is fixed at the painted part, the depth of the expansion pipe shall be increased by the thickness of the painting layer. 1n1; Su Diao Hai'an County Power Supply Bureau has launched a campaign to publicize rural knowledge. Take advantage of many new Cambodian authorities to talk about the implementation of safety orders and electricity laws

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